Why we must Unite - the real danger

Now that we have a nominee in Barack Obama, it would seem that nothing can stop him from sweeping into the Oval office this fall. Curiously, however, some people seemed to be concerned that Obama can't win because he can't get white voters or can't keep the dissapointed Clinton supporters in his camp.
While some stories like this NPR story are fairly benign,
there are other stories documenting the growing number of Clinton for McCain supporters
and even a website boasting of 15,000 supporters and threatening the following

Our Plans

It is our mission to raise money, promote John McCain. We will set up a "527" to raise money, run TV and radio ads against Obama. The Democrat party has left us out in the cold, so we are going to build a fire that they cannot put out


Really? how did the "democrat" party leave anyone out in the cold? More on these McCan'ts...
On Fixed Noise we have this exchange:

CAVUTO: If he does not offer her that spot — real quickly, if he does not offer it, is there hell to pay for him?
FERRARO: With some. With some.
CAVUTO: With many?
FERRARO: With many women.
CAVUTO: OK. All right.

Hell to pay from many women? Really?

or take a look at
For instance this diary over at MYDD

I came because the Presidency was handed to a puppet/prime minister "movement" type of Reagan/Blair "charismatic" propped up pretentious corporate (but positioned as anti-corporate) candidate, I leave for the same reasons. I came because of rightwing radio hoppped up hate & continuous non-stop propganda, I leave because of leftwing blogosphere hopped up hate & continuous propaganda. Well, and a little rightwing for good measure. And I say that as a jerk who went to both of the yearly kos conferences, etc. For what? I now ask myself. What was all of this for? To see a person installed in office by gaming the system & being the beneficiary of some kind of scorched earth media attack that was so pervasive, so accepted, so every day normal so endemic so unquestioned so blatant... A person who has ties to extremely questionable entities- and honestly, I don't even have the heart to type out the list one last time.

Really? gaming the system? you mean planning past Super Tuesday?
I don't care if these people from Ferraro to websites to bloggers don't feel they can warm up to Obama. I know being an ardent fan of another candidate (Edwards) and pouring your soul into their candidacy can be hard on you when they lose in the primary. But it is time to face this fact.

Justice Stevens - age 88
Justice Kennedy - age 72
Justice Souter - age 69
Justice Ginsburg - age 75

A five to four minority already in place with several judges close to the end of their career, and a Republican nominee vowing to stick with strict "constructionalists" judges in the mold of Scalia, Thomas and Roberts, which means no corporate liability. And if you have read this in one of my
other diaries, you'll see that in my state of Colorado, there is a ballot on the fall known as the "personhood" initiative, which was circulated as a law for "equal rights" but actually meant equality for embryos as persons, and will most likely be the test case for Roe vs. Wade should it pass. (I have mostly a pro-life view, but the way this ballot was circulated was totally disengenious)

Now also consider, the Supreme Court is currently weighing the validity of the damages Exxon should pay to Alaska for the Valdez oil spill, which it will probably overturn - especially considering Scalia duckhunting with Cheney before he heard the case on the Energy policy - without recusing himself. Imagine the following cases: the Vioxx settlement, the asbestos settlement, tobacco settlement, or any other corportate liability issue now or in the future with a long term majority of "constructionists."
This is the same court that overturned California's law that required a insignificant percentage of cars to be zero emission - thereby killing the electric car.
This will be the same court that with a McCain presidency,no matter what the majority of Dems in the House and Senate, will be able to take our laws back to the pre-Roosevelt era of labor busting and protection of Jim Crow laws.

So to the pundits, bloggers, and party leaders who are the McCan'ts - I say we must, we absolutely must say,
and we will.



"What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

Henry David Thoreau


Hi Wade!

Good to see you around these parts. Are you missing North Carolina?

Come on down for another event sometime, and bring your awesome girlfriend! It was great seeing you two at the Edwards CH event (and in Iowa).

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Clinton Supporters: Before doing something you will regret

just think about President John McCain. Pro-Choice,it could be gone. Universal health care, forget about it. War in Iraq, how about another 100 years.

We also need as many people as possible to work for the election of local and state democrats.

It is quite possible (depending upon the labor runoff) that we will elect 5 or 6 women to the 10 person Council of State (10 top state elected officials, counting the governor). Just think--a majority of the Council of State may be female next year.

I know that many people are upset about Sen. Clinton's lose, but is time to pull together and elect Democrats from the court house to the White House.

John Shaw


Wade, I'd love to go into the entire explanation, but I'm just tired of doing it. Just check out this site, it should update you on any and all inquiries on this subject: The Confluence

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