Why Roy Cooper should *not* choose Burley Mitchell as #9

His support for bible-thumping Paul Newby cannot be ignored:

Tom Fetzer, a former state GOP chairman and former Raleigh mayor, said that he has formed an independent expenditure campaign finance group along with two former Supreme Court chief justices, Burley Mitchell and I. Beverly Lake Jr., designed to assist in the re-election of Newby. It is called the North Carolina Judicial Coalition.

This one is bad enough to warrant two strikes against Mitchell. First, for supporting the worst Justice who has ever donned one of those robes, and second for being a conduit for hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence such an important election, with a lot of that money coming from out of state. And strike number three is the fact Burley Mitchell has snuggled into Art Pope's network of bent think-tanks, joining such notables as Virginia Foxx (ugh) and Robert Shibley of FIRE, notable for pushing the worst campus speakers and whining when administrations don't want White Supremacists marching around. Do we want this man casting the tie-breaking vote on NC's election issues? That was a rhetorical question...



Kinda buried the lede there...

Honestly, Gerry Cohen was in the mix at one time, who would (imo) be a fantastic #9. Not taking anything away from Damon Circosta, but his affiliation with AJ Fletcher might be too much of a lightning rod, pushing Roy to pick Mitchell just because he's a former Justice. Big mistake.

Dallas has his knickers in a twist

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.@RoyCooperNC announced Wednesday he will appoint Damon Circosta, executive director of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

Thank goodness

Hopefully the Board will be able to achieve a level of professionalism where each vote won't end up being a party line type thing. But if they can't, I trust Damon enough to believe he will choose the best interests of the voters.