Why the Religious Right Supports Bush

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Here is a true story.

A guy I worked with was a Christian, and in my mind he was a flaming right-wing Christian fanatical nutcase. He always ignored science in favor of Biblical teachings and he took it to a conspiratorial level. Of course global warming was bunk, evolution even more so because Jesus said so. Fossils in the ground? Placed there by the Devil. AIDS? A homosexual disease engineered by liberals to kill Christians. This is a 50 year old adult we are talking about.

I asked him why he voted for Bush. He said, with a cold, straight face, “To bring about the rapture.”

Once, after a pitch meeting in Santa Clara, I had the client ask me why the South voted against their economic interests by voting for Bush? I told them “to bring about the rapture.”

There was nothing you can do to fight that kind of stupidity.


That 28%-30% support for Bush? Those are the true nutcase believers.



Why ARE they still here?

I don't buy that answer

I believe these "Christians" voted for bush because they saw in him their own narrow-minded beliefs; that white folks are given the "Devine Right" to be prejudice against anyone they deem as not one of them. That the right has approved and even encouraged this horrible behavior and promoted it thru their message of fear.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

rapture insurance?

who has the pay out? who is offering this?

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"Keep the Faith"

Rapture Stuff

I am developing a business plan for a company called WrappedYourStuff.com (RaptureStuff.com is already taken) which will store people's belongings after the rapture just in case it doesn't work out and they need their things later.

You will register online for a nominal fee and we won't charge your account until the rapture actually happens when we go collect your stuff including your cash and credit cards which will pay for the service.

You mean people buy this?

Maybe I should rethink this real estate gig.


The Eleventh Plague

Rivers, reptiles, lice, flies, disease, boils, hail mixed with fire, locusts, darkness, death...re-election.

Maybe God didn't intend Bush to bring about the Rapture, but rather as punishment and as a test. We failed.

It scares the hell outta me

to know those people really believe that. Why should we care about the environment? The rapture is coming any day now, we won't need this earth any longer. Why should we care about running up humongous deficits, and a world record national debt, the rapture's coming, we won't have to pay it back. Peace in the middle east? Why would we want that? That's how the apocolypse is going to start - with the middle east exploding. All the good christians are going to be raptured up to heaven, nobody left here but us sinners, and who cares if we have to live with a ruined economy in a ruined world? Serves us right for being such terrible sinners.

Whoa - back up

I believe in the rapture - no joke.

What these people seem to forget is GOD doesn't need any help.

All they can do is mess up the planet for the rest of us. And we'll all be here suffering together because they didn't read their Bibles closely enough.

I mean at least with the Koran and the people of the Middle East - and esp. in Afghanistan - you can cut some of those folks some slack - because they can't read. No excuse in America. You can get a Bible on tape or CD if you can't read.

Hey - I figure it this way - Believe it if you want. I don't care if you don't. That is not.my.business.

and before you jab me - no, I don't know what the Koran says 100%. I have enough reading material to keep me busy for the rest of my natural life.