Why is this news?

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There was a not so interesting Washington Post article today that talked about Obama headlining a fundraiser for the Virginia Democratic Party. The fundraiser appears to be aimed at the effort to expand on past statewide success by spending big cash on the state legislative races that will occur this year.

First of all, Obama's presence in Virginia is fantastic.

It is fantastic for a few reasons.
First, he is a national figure who can draw big crowds. When you mix that with money its a great thing.
Second, he is showing us that he can compete where Kerry couldnt. This is a definite must for every potential Presidential nominee.
Third, is this quote,

Obama headlined the West Virginia Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in September. Party leaders said Obama's presence made the dinner the most well-attended in its history, according to local media accounts.


All of that is amazing, and I commend the Senator for spending as much time as he has the past 2 years using his fame to help fundraise for a lot of different Democratic candidates.

But, Why is this news? It should not be news when a potential candidate for president helps state parties fundraise. It should not be news when Democrats with nation-wide fame help state parties in "red" states. This should be so prolific that the media doesnt even mention it anymore. If a House member doesnt spend all their free time outside their district that is fine, they do have to run every 2 years after all. But, every other Democratic name should be spending as much of their free time as possible helping other state parties and candidates at every level.

Which would be more effective for winning your support? Obama/Edwards/Hillary making an extra trip to Iowa and getting 1000 more votes there or them spending a weekend exciting the base in a state like Mississippi or Idaho? Although I support Edwards in the primary, I have been incredibly happy with Obama's support of down ballot candidates. It is very telling that for me to link stories of all those events would make this diary an unmanageable collection of orange.

So, why is this story news? And, what are the other candidates doing to make sure WE win, instead of just having them win.



This is all a devious plan to stick us with either a candidate who has no chance of winning or a candidate who is so young and whose views are so unkown that it will be easy to spend 6 months attacking everything he has ever done.

sigh, time to take off the tinfoil hat.


"Keep the Faith"

Edwards did a pretty good job of this too

and without the warchest that Hillary has. I was very disappointed in Clinton's lack of assistance to others.

I think you're dead on, by the way. This shouldn't be news. It should be the sort of thing we hear and say, "so what," simply because we hear it so often.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

If it makes you feel any better

I'm working on a local politician I know to do some joint fundraisers to help newbies out. It will depend on whether there is opposition or not.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.