Why is NC letting a white supremacist supporter have all their voter data?

News you might have missed....

Remember Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach?

He's the one who has put together the "Interstate Crosscheck" system where states send voter roles to his office where his staffers compare them to look for illegal double registrations. Remember how the Republicans made such a big stink about how finding people in multiple states with the same name proved there was rampant voter fraud? Remember how they did a PR thing about this to defend NC's Voter ID law that prevents minorities and college students from voting? (See here and here.)

Well, Kobach is in the news this week, delivering a keynote address for the Writer's Workshop of the Social Contract Press. It so happens it's a white nationalist publisher.


Kobach has helped several states, including Arizona with its notorious SB1070, craft their own anti-immigrant laws laws. He has also been a leader in the GOP’s national crusade to enact voter suppression measures. After pushing the Kansas legislature to give him prosecutorial powers over election fraud cases, duplicating and complicating the existing jurisdiction of local prosecutors, he has so far failed to bring any evidence in the more than 100 cases of fraud he promised to prosecute back in June, only filing charges in three cases.

Again, I ask: What in hell is Kobach - a supporter of white supremacists - doing with all this voter data collected from different states?

The News and Record or other NC news outlets need to be asking some very serious questions about what your NC legislators are allowing officials in other states to do with your voter data. Do we have any assurances this data isn't being misused in some way by Kobash, people in his office, or individuals he associates with?



Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes Day

I wonder if Kobach will show up on the list of KKK members Anonymous is (supposed to be) releasing?

And maybe Thom Tillis, but we couldn't get that lucky...

Whatever happened to the 35k cases of voter fraud in NC?

It seems that the "inventor" of the Interstate Crosscheck has finally exposed voter fraud in his own state.

WICHITA — One of three people charged with voter fraud by the secretary of state in Kansas acknowledged voting in two states where he lives, but said he didn't think he was doing anything wrong.

Lincoln L. Wilson, who faces three felony counts, was registered both in Goodland in northwest Kansas' Sherman County and in Hale, Colorado. Records indicate the 64-year-old Republican voted in both states in the same elections in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

The defendants in the Johnson County case, Betty M. Gaedtke, 61, and Steven K. Gaedtke, 60, each face three misdemeanor charges of unlawful voting and advance voting unlawfully.

The two are accused of voting in both Arkansas and Kansas in 2010. Voting registration show both were registered as Republicans in the Kansas City suburb of Olathe at the time.


What's the motive?

With almost no practical return from this effort and only the temporary scare-mongering publicity to be gained for supporting voting laws that restrict minority voters, what's _really_ being done with this voting data?

Republicans were just as aware of actual statistics on voter fraud going into this as anyone else. It strains credulity to believe that there's not something else happening with all this voter data being collated by Kobach's office.