Why is McCrory getting a free pass?

Pat McCrory may very well be the least transparent candidate for governor in America today. No one knows how much money Duke Energy and Moore & Van Allen have paid the guy over the years or what he has done for all that cash ... and yet no leading North Carolina journalist or newspaper has called him to account.

  • He's been lobbying the legislature, but he's not a registered lobbyist.
  • He's a big cheese at a big law firm, but he's not a lawyer.
  • He's been paid (your guess is as good as mine) to run his never-ending campaign for governor.

And yet he continues to get a free pass. To my knowledge, not one of our state's high-profile political reporters, Mark Binker, Laura Leslie, Rob Christensen, and Travis Fain, have pressed McCrory hard to come clean about his shady financial dealings.

The only team on the job I'm aware of is Progress North Carolina. They're asking the question again and again and again, but so far, the so-called liberal mainstream media seem more interested in sucking up to McCrory than calling bullshit on his unprecedented secrecy.

What's up with that?


Thank god for McRmoney

The main thing going for McCrory right now is that Mitt Romney, Pat's BFF, if such a splendid shit screen. Every time someone ask Romney to release his tax returns, McCrory breathes a sigh of relief because that someone isn't asking him those same tough questions.