Why the legislature won't kill the education lottery

Back in the day, conservative leaders rightly took Democrats to task when they pushed through the NC Education Lottery. Ignoring progressive voices, the lottery became a major, if unreliable, source for funding public schools. It's been a blight on North Carolina ever since. Four years ago, I wondered out loud what Republicans if Republicans would kill the lottery given their control of the General Assembly.

Thinking back to the battle over starting up state-sponsored gambling here in North Carolina, I seem to recall a hell of a lot of Republicans who swore up and down they'd do anything necessary to end that evil scourge. It was a moral issue, they said, and I for one agreed with them. Fast forward to 2013, with those same Republicans now calling the shots in both houses of the General Assembly and the Governor's office. Those oh-so-moral men finally have the chance to put an swift and brutal end to the lottery. Will they? It probably depends on which they hate more: taxes, poor people, or teachers. From where I sit, it looks like they hate all three, and will therefore keep the lottery in place. Time will soon tell whether these are truly moral men. I'm guessing not.

The lottery remains a scourge on North Carolina's character, and Republicans now own it, lock, stock and barrel. Why won't they end the lottery? Because they hate taxes more than they hate whoring.



They consider it "found" money

Every dollar the Lottery brings in is another dollar they can add to their tax cut bandwagon. And the millionaires get to win the Lottery without even buying a ticket.