Why Lance Armstrong Should Go To Prison

Way back when I was much younger and I used to ride my bicycle everywhere. I once rode from Carson City, Nevada to Reno, up to Lake Tahoe, around the lake and back down to Carson City again. I recently drove a car the same route and I was exhausted. Bragging about who I was or complaining about who I've become; aside, I once biked with guys that were seriously training for the Olympics. I don't don't know if they ever made it...I lost touch during my army years. But through the years, I found myself frequently defending Lance Armstrong.

Those French were simply handing up sour grapes because an American with one testicle was consistently beating their best at a competition that bore their country's name. Too bad. So Sad. We're Americans. Get over it.

Now it seems we were wrong all along. This nut job (pun intended) was lying to us and the world...all the while dating rock stars and supermodels; and collecting millions that should have gone to someone else. He's given the United States another international black eye and given skeptics around the world fodder to question our athletes and their accomplishments in the recently concluded Summer Olympic Games.

Remember that short period when Marion Jones' husband was was banned for life for doping and she divorced him immediately? We all said "Poor Dear!" Such a great athlete..saddled with a big dumb loser. Then the other shoe dropped and it was discovered that she had lied to a grand jury...she was a doper too. The U.S. prosecutors weren't moved by her tears, her child, her good looks. Sista went to prison.

Closer to the biking world, Floyd Landis lost his 2006 Tour de France title to a doping conviction and barely stayed out of prison by repaying the money he collected from lied to donors who contributed nearly $500,000 to his legal defense. Under an agreement with the U.S. Attorney's Office, his case was to be dismissed if he repayed the donors within three years.

Lance Armstrong lied to everyone, went back and repeatedly dipped from the well to win again and again; in effect stealing from those who rightfully should have been making the money, dating Sheryl Crow and getting those endorsements. If there was a Tour de America and some Frenchie had stolen the title from us repeatedly for years, we'd ban all the French cyclists forever. Armstrong should be told to report to a federal courthouse...and Oh yea...bring your toothbrush.
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The United States Attorney's Office


These are people who went after Roger Clemens based on the word of a two-bit personal trainer and some syringes found in the garbage can. You think they wouldn't go after Lance Armstrong if there really was as much evidence as Tygart says?

Come on.

They are bootstrapping charges from 17 years ago, alleging he covered it up, and then requiring him to appear before his accusers, who will serve as prosecutor, jury and judge. I don't blame him for saying "screw you."

He passed every drug test he ever took. They have no double samples. Every witness they have has a lifetime ban hovering over his own head.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Consider using an information source besides Armstrong's lawyers

Come on, please stop repeating the same talking points and rumours spread by the Armstrong PR camp
and consider using your mind.

For example, "He passed every drug test he ever took". Actually he didn't. He has more EPO
positives to his name than any other athlete in history. About 80 samples from the 99 tour de France
were retested in 2004 with improved techniques. There were 8 positives, 6 of which belong to Armstrong.
This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the scientific evidence. There is a cortisone positive,
more EPO positives and a string of tests that confirm blood doping. I would like to conjecture that he
has failed more doping tests than any other athlete in history.

As for the statement "Every witness they have has a lifetime ban hovering over his own head", I can only think
of two that do and there is a plethora of witness in the USADA report.

However, the quote from Voltaire that ended your rant is actually correct.

Armstrong may have doped, but he is a genetic freak

when it comes to VO2 max. His score is one of the highest measured - 84. He has a bigger heart and his muscles are more efficient. Info here.

He may have cheated, but he is less in need of a chemical boost than almost any other athlete in the world.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Only 3 hours? how many 40 years olds do you know

that can "only" run a 3 hour marathon after only about a year or two of intermittant training? How many 3 hour marathons have you run?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?