Why The GOP Deserved To Lose

Excuse us on the Left for still feeling drunk with glee about the election. We view this as a classic Good Vs. Evil story and we were the good guys. For instance: We didn’t say your guy was lying about his religion or his place of birth. We didn’t say “DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD” and offer no alternative for poor women seeking healthcare screenings. We didn’t yell “Repeal Obamacare and offer no alternative for people without health care coverage to be cared for. We didn’t look the other way when our side refused to pass any job bills and then blame President Obama’s “POLICIES” for the unemployment rate.

We didn’t support Republican governors and legislatures when they put into law, state required shaming of women by sticking a vaginal probe in their vaginas to MAKE them not have an abortion through embarrassment. We didn’t try to change the wording in law to redefine “RAPE” to appeal to a religious constituency. We didn’t turn a blind ear to a congressman yelling “YOU LIE!” to The President of The United States during a state speech and give him tons of money afterwards for his disrespect. We didn’t give money to support a governor after she stuck her finger in the face of the President of The United States in a disrespectful tarmac incident.

We didn’t support governors and secretaries of state that sought to suppress the vote and when asked about it, simply say with a straight face “No we’re not… It’s about voter fraud!” We didn’t support an entire political movement that was created with teabags hanging off their hats, purely to oppose and disrespect The President of The United States, or turn a blind eye to the overwhelming racist rhetoric of it’s members. We didn’t say for years that criticism of the President of The United States, stops at the water’s edge and then support multiple people that went around the world doing just that.

We didn’t boo the First Lady and the Second Lady at a Nascar event when they were there to support the troops. We didn’t criticize the first lady for stating that America should eat healthier. We didn’t demand to see the birth certificate of President of The United States and when he produced it, claim it must be fake. We didn’t demand to see the college records of The President of The United States, because we believed he couldn’t be intelligent. We didn’t lie and say The President of The United States dislikes Israel even though his policies are the same as all recent presidents towards Israel.

We didn’t pull our kids out of school because The President of The United States was going to speak there that day. We didn’t turn down a visit from the First Lady to speak at an elementary school, simply to show disrespect to her. We didn’t support an unprecedented increase in filibusters to keep The President of The United States from moving our country forward. We didn’t support members of Congress who, to be disrespectful, refused to attend a speech by The President of The United States. We didn’t support a Speaker and Majority Leader who refused to take a phone call on election night from The President of The United States and claimed they had already gone to bed.

We didn’t support candidates that believe that women shouldn’t be paid the same as a man, that climate change is a hoax and a woman or girl who is raped, should nevertheless carry that rapist’s baby to term, NO MATTER WHAT. We didn’t call women sluts because they wanted contraception covered in their healthcare plan. We didn’t support people like Sarah Palin, Allen West and Michelle Bachmann, whose only qualifications seem to be their ability to say the most vile and untrue things about The President of The United States. We didn’t have a primary that each week voted different candidates as front-runner, based on their promise to say the most disrespectful things to The President of The United States at the upcoming debates. We didn’t praise children, but demonize teachers.

We didn’t buy big beautiful houses but demonize firefighters. We didn’t complain about crime, but demonize police. We didn’t usher our celebrities out to disrespectfully talk to chairs or claim, as Chuck Norris did, that we would experience a thousand years of darkness if Obama were re-elected. We didn’t claim that the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would ruin the military and after it didn’t, remain silent with our apology. We didn’t demonize our Chief Justice because he chose the law over ideology. We didn’t pretend that a network that is clearly not fair or balanced, actually is, simply because it criticizes The President of The United States continuously.

In short, we watched this litany of lies, obstruction and disrespect for four long years. We watched how those on the Right cared less about our country, than the color of the person leading it. They cheated and did so blatantly. So ultimately, we will come to be the gracious winners we were always told to be, but it will take a little time to get there. In this election, more than any other in our lifetime, the opposition truly deserved to lose….and they did.

NOTE: Reposted from the blog Outlier Magazine. Outlier Magazine made the decision not to muddy the political waters with opposition to NC politics, politicians or judges. We felt the re-election of President Obama was too important to take a chance that even one vote might be given to the Romney/Ryan ticket because of something said in Outlier Magazine. So we held our fire. But now, We're Back!