Why is GOP calling NC Election Director to DC to Testify Against Paper Ballot Law?

George Gilbert,Guilford County Election Director has been called by the minority party (GOP) to testify in Washington DC on July 25, 2007 against voter verified paper ballots for all 50 states.

This is the second time the minority party has asked Gilbert for help in shooting down federal legislation that would require voter verified paper ballots for every vote.

This time, Gilbert has been called by minority party to testify in Washington DC on July 25, 2007 regarding Senator Diane Feinstein's bill, S 1487 "The Ballot Integrity Act". The bill would require Voter Verified Paper Ballots and other measures for all 50 states.

Gilbert was also called by the Minority Party at the March 23, 2007 hearing before the Committee on House Administration's Elections Subcommittee regarding Congressman Rush Holt's bill, HR 811, Voter Confidence Act was being heard.

For those Tarheels who believe that if your vote doesn't count - nothing else matters - this is a smack in the face. For people in the many states who have paperless voting, this is a kick in the gut.

Its high time that all 50 states have voter verified paper ballots, and federal legislation
may be the only way to accomplish that.

Working Assetts has issued an urgent action alert today to save the verified voting bill from special interests.

H.R. 811: Our Best Hope For Election Integrity By 2008
Few people would argue that one of the most pressing problems facing American democracy today is the questionable integrity of our elections. Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) has introduced the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (H.R. 811) to help repair our broken electoral system.

Unfortunately, as reported in the New York Times, forces in the Congress are moving to gut the Holt bill's reforms and delay imperative voting reforms until 2012.

If passed in its current form without modifications, H.R. 811 will prevent the use of paperless electronic voting machines and will require audits to check the accuracy of the vote counts for federal elections. The bill includes security provisions that ban Internet connections for voting machines, as well as for systems that tabulate the votes on election night. It also makes the paper ballot the official record in audits and recounts, and requires election officials to post a notice explaining to voters the need to verify their vote.

Go here to take the 60 second action alert

Gilbert tried to kill voter verified paper ballots in North Carolina but failed. How sickening that he is working to kill verified voting at the national level.

North Carolina has had a successful statewide primary and General Election since our
law passed.
We have had audits and recounts, increasing voters confidence in elections. Dont let one of our election directors keep other states from having this protection.



scary stuff, boys and girls. Scary scary stuff.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Georgie Boy

should be drummed out of the Democratic Party, I swear. This is adding insult to injury after what he did to Guilford County with his very expensive toilet paper rolls.