Why is this family losing their home?

For the Sanchez family, their house represents more than just a home for their family. It is a ten year investment in the well-being of their daughter, Jessica. Jessica was born with a defect called Spina Bifida, which renders her unable to walk. But now, after all of their work, the family is about to lose their home to foreclosure.

When the economy collapsed, father Gustavo Sanchez lost his job and has struggled ever since to find work in construction. The family fell behind on their mortgage payments and now Bank of America is refusing to work with the family to allow them to keep their home.

“For our daughter’s sake, we need to keep our home,” said Silvia Sanchez, “We can’t just move anywhere; our daughter needs special accommodations.”

We can help families like the Sanchez' by demanding Bank of America to use mortgage resets as their first choice solution when working with distressed borrowers. Sign this petition on the ActionNC website to join the movement: http://www.actionnc.org/sanchez_family



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