Why Doesn’t Republican State Auditor Les Merritt Want People to Vote?

State Auditor Les Merritt is politicizing his public office for partisan gain, following the national Republican playbook of deception and incompetence.

Merritt stalled last week the passage of legislation that would make it easier to vote. It allows voters to register up to three days before Election Day, down from 25 days under existing law.

Citing a flawed preliminary report, Merritt asked for a delay on the same day that a state Senate committee was poised to take up the bill.

Merritt also used an analysis similar to that employed by the Republican-led federal justice department, the same agency that urged North Carolina to prematurely scrub qualified voters from the rolls.

Both investigations yielded no substantiated cases of voter fraud. When state Senate members asked him to offer evidence of fraud, Merritt had none.

In fact, the state Board of Elections found numerous inconsistencies in Merritt’s report, including:

  • Merritt’s office released information even though they didn’t understand the mechanics of the voter registration process and voter history data.
  • Merritt refused to release a copy of the database so that the state elections board could investigate whether any people used invalid social security numbers to register to vote.
  • Merritt said that 4.2 million people constituted half of the state’s registered voters. But the state only has 5.5 million registered voters.
  • The 671 people Merritt said used invalid social security numbers were either 1) registered before laws required a driver’s license or social security number or 2) the Social Security Administration had incorrect data as determined by the DMV.
  • The state elections board could not confirm the 1,641 dead people Merritt alleged to have voted through the death records kept by the state Health and Human Services Department.
  • Merritt’s records show the death of one voter as September 1997 when the actual death certificate places the date of death at February 2006.

“Either Les Merritt is incompetent, lacking even a basic understanding of election law, or he's using his position as State Auditor to pursue the partisan agenda of the national Republican Party,” said NCDP Chair Jerry Meek. “Either way, voters should be worried.”


Jerimee was there....so we're hearing

on the other thread it was reported that it was voted out of committee.

Sounds like Jerry has Less Merit's number in the quote Jerimee has given us.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Les Merritt Quotes

  • "I think it is important to be non-partisan and I don't consider this a partisan issue."
  • "Some of us hope you all [Democrats] will be gone before the effects of this bill are determined."
  • "I don't think we got anything, and I don't think we will get anything, that will kill this bill."
  • "If I didn't share this info someone would have blamed me later. The truth shall set you free and that's the truth."
  • "My integrity is important to me."
  • "As far as blowing the whistle at the last minute that was me and I take full responsibility for it.... I made the decision quickly."
  • "I appreciate you all paying attention to me."

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Where Liddy At?
Where is Liddy?
Anyone seen Liddy?

I'm guessing he means

he wants Democrats out of office (OK, that's obvious) by implying that allowing SDR or not letting him purge voter rolls (or something) will encourage folks to vote R ... or preferentially be wiping D voters.

Chain of Command

Who - besides we the people - does this guy answer to? Is it Governor Easley?

Isn't he supposed to be the oversight?

Can we impeach......or do a California recall?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Someone should start a petition

I'd do it but I'm having serious computer woes these days . . . and no time anyway.

But if someone starts one up, I'll sign it in a split second.

Maybe use one of these thingies?

we need

#1 an ethics complaint against him for the press release stuff
then an impeachement

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

Can citizens file ethics complaints?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.