Why Did Charles Taylor & Others Not Speak Out? What is the real Truth?

Ninety % of the American People were NEVER told about the following Documents. I didn't even know they existed! Charles Taylor has been in Congress since 1990, Coble since 84, Haynes, Jones & Myrick since the early 90's. Burr, Dole, Haynes, Jones & McIntyre all serve on the Armed Services Committie. How come Charles Taylor has not pushed the issue for final accounting of John Hunter Crews III of Asheville & Larry Carl Jamerson of Rosman whose crash sites upon examination by US Forces produced no bodies! These are in his district!

North Carolina currently has 45 natives listed as POW-MIA. How come none of these Politicans NEVER once told us of this report? They have sat back and accepted a Presumtive finding of Death or other awnser is why. They should be Demanding for inspection teams to be allowed into these areas. As a Note, Nothing has changed, Vietnam still ranks high on the list of leading countries with the most Human Rights Violations!

It is my sincere hope that G.K. Butterfield & Heath Shuler win the election. Mabie then we will have a voice in Congress that will demand a full accounting and the matter put to rest once & for all! The familys deserve that much. A man is not Considered Dead until until we have positive remains in his casket & he is laid to rest!

The 735 and 1205 Documents
Found within CIA Archives & Testamony
@ http://www.cia.gov/index.html

In 1993 the U.S. received 2 documents discovered in the archives of Soviet Military Intellegence GRU) ,the KGB's Big Brother in Moscow.
Those documents are Russian translations of proported policy speeches delevered by senior Vietnamese Officals in the early 70's. Thesedocuments revealed that the number of American POW-MIA's held in North Vietnam was greater than the number offically acknowledged by Hanoi. These documents are known as the 735 & 1205 documents.
The 735 document from late December 1970 or Jan 1971 stated the number of American Pilots held was 735, not 368. The 1025 document dateing from Sept. 1972 stated that 105 American POW's were held to use as leverage at the Peace Talks. Central ID Lab in Hiwaii found 219 remains, returned unilatarally by the Vietnamese, exibited forensic evidence of haveing been in storage! In all ,CID Lab identified 274 remains that showed storage with 249 identified.
The 1999 Remains Report was issued more than a year after publication and concluded that detrmined on a case by case analyst of all remains repatriated revealed that, between 1970 and 1993 the Vietnamese had collected & stored 270 to 280 sets of remains. A captured & repraited NVA Mortician made statement's in the 1996 IC assement that of 400-600 sets of remains stored. The Mortician worked in the Director of Cemeteries where he was responsible in 1969 for prepareing the skeletal remains of Americans. In 1979 he was arrested & deported to Hong Kong and alledged to the US Defense Liason he had personally inspected the remains of over 400 US Military Personnel that were in secret storage in Hanoi. This man was given 2 polygraphs and passed.
Reports have even placed prisioners in Russia. I ask you to consider for a moment. How many Vietman Veterans do you know? Takeing into account their average age ,It IS possible that a person captured who was kept in half way decent conditions ,Fed and taken care of could still be alive. Also remember we have never gotten awnsers from Korea.



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Due to my military background & Law Enforcement back ground I got resources to go to to find this stuff so if you all would like th see more just give the word and I will be a official researcher for the site.

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