Why can't health insurance have this option in North Carolina?

As you all probably know, North Carolina is very restrictive about creating pools of health insurance, but why?

No reason that a statute change by the General Assembly can't fix. So, which legislator will step up to file the bill to get this done this year?

If the Maine Chamber of Commerce can do this, why can't North Carolina?

The better question is why aren't chambers of commerce (and other associations) in North Carolina advocating for this change?


NC does have something similar

The legislature created a high risk pool program that began this year. It's not exactly what you're talking about, but it shows that it can be done. I believe Rep Verla Inscoe lead the charge on this effort in the last session

Not the same thing

In NC, associations like chambers of commerce, are not allowed to purchase group insurance at a discounted rate for members - like almost every other state allows.

There is no good reason for this that a quick statutory fix wouldn't change.

Why aren't associations banding together to lobby for this? The combined advocacy of the numerous NC chambers and the non-profits groups would be hard for even BCBS to resist in this climate.

Time to fix this problem in NC.


Reason why

I think its pretty clear from watching the Senate leadership the past few weeks that the profits of BCBS are holy relics to be protected at all costs.

"Keep the Faith"

You're right, of course

...but NC associations do this for workers' comp insurance.

It's time to do it for health insurance.

To the legislators that read this site, file a bill and get your local chamber of commerce and other associations on board. I'll bet they're itching to do this. They just want cover from BCBS.


Maybe this is a question for

Wayne Goodwin.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

State Health Plan questions

It appears that our State Health Plan is greatly controlled by political influence. Is there something we can do about that?

We turned NC Blue, can we save the State Health Plan? is it harder to get Tony Rand and other State elected officials to pay attention and do the moral and ethical thing, than to elect a Black man in a Southern state?

From what I know of Tony Rand and our other elected officials, they mostly are dedicated to doing the right thing. Has anyone contacted them to point out that the news coverage about the State Health Plan does not portray them in a positive light?

In particular there are concerns that the contract with the large insurers is not always negotiated to be favorable for State employees interests. http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2009/03/18/blue-cross-balloon-payments-due-soon/

I believe the large insurers are acting in the best interests of their constituents and have been generous and watchful over our state's interests, but oversight by our state legislators is always important.

Any suggestions on how to approach this dilemma?