I found that we had no other Democrats at our caucus the other evening. I am willing to do something. We need good old fashioned precinct walking. When there was a national candidate to support there were lots of us willing to help. Seems like we all need to make sure we continue to participate and express our views.

Let me check who I am and what I support. My favorite bumper sticker is "Veterans for Obama" My military career began with a "draft notice" in 1968. By then I'd graduated from college, married, and begun a career as an accountant. My wife (then and still) thought I was a "nice guy" and wondered why I wouldn't just "do my two years and get out". That aspect of universal compulsory service worked for some. For me a twenty -one year career ending up as a member of the XVIII Corps, G-2 staff as a Lieutenant Colonel proved to me that some convicted felons like Oliver North didn't serve jail sentences. Proved to me that the promises of lifetime health care would vanish if it weren't for courageous Presidents like Bill Clinton who restored that promise to reality.

He had a speech about the covenant between the people and their government which best summarized what I believed about politics. To me the Mayflower Compact and other parts of our history need to be understood. Math needs to be understood. It took nearly 200 years through the 1600's and 1700's before we figured out a constitution. It took over 400 years to figure out how to craft a public commendations (civil rights) law.

Enough. If you live in precinct 20-11, Wake County, NC I hope to hear from you so we can be considered to be "organized"