Who would Jesus hate?



Funny stuff.

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hilarious indeed!

too bad so many folks, left right and center, can be influenced by fears, demagoguery, and xenophobia. I'd be remiss if I didn't repeat my own personal philosophy here: if your religion, POV, or beliefs are so tenuous that the mere presence of a counter-religion, POV or belief could destroy them, your religion, POV or beliefs must not be so grand after all. Live and let live!

If Christians (truly Christ-like or not) truly believe theirs is the one, true way, having more Muslims here would give the Christians a better opportunity to preach the word to them and convert them before they die (and go to hell?). Why is there fear of Muslims in general (remembering that 19 misguided cowards bombed the Trade Centers, NOT every single Muslim ever)? Only because of politics, politicians, pundits and the need to put someone else down or make an enemy out of them; and, of course, because if facts can't pursued people, fear certainly will.

In response Grizzly

We only need to look at France and Germany and the United Kingdom to see what could happen in America if we are, as a country, become so accepting of muslim beliefs and the religion of Islam that we change our own country's customs and mores and rule of law to accomodate things like the muslim's dedication to Sharia law. The fear among many is that we will change our very way of life to accomodate people that have beliefs due to one specific religion and that those beliefs are counter to what America is. I am not arguing this either way just trying to offer up a response to your questions.

Are you really saying that Americans need to

be wary of Islam because France, Germany and the UK have implemented sharia law?

Or are you just parrotting some talking head who specializes in setting up imaginary bogeymen for us to fear?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

No of course not

I am presenting what the majority of our country believes citizens in America are aware of.

I fear a progression into Sharia law as should every progressive or liberal person. If we are trying to become accepting of homosexual relationships and if we are wanting to help women progress within the political structure and the capitalist structure in our country, we all should make sure we do not sanction any form of Sharia law here and be cognizant of what increased muslim influence in our country would mean for us especially when so many muslims do not care to assimilate. It is contrary to our beliefs. Arguments on BlueNC just to put down someone that sounds conservative or "republican" on an issue (which I am not) is wrong for all of us. In this, we should all be together.

Our country is accepting to a fault. And accepting changes in our customs and our mores and our way of life to accomodate something that is contrary to those customs and mores and way of life, to me, is not what we should be doing. We should accept in everyone and anyone that wants to come to our country and live here being good citizens honoring our traditions and customs and way of life. We should not change that for the sake of those that want to change us.

Whew, I feel a lot better now ..

Because the following lines from your previous post sure did have me worried ...

We only need to look at France and Germany and the United Kingdom to see what could happen in America if we are, as a country, become so accepting of muslim beliefs and the religion of Islam that we change our own country's customs and mores and rule of law to accomodate things like the muslim's dedication to Sharia law

But then you throw out this little nugget ...

Our country is accepting to a fault.

Perhaps you never heard of Jim Crow, Nativism, the Dawes Act or the Chinese Exclusion Act?

And how about this ..

We should not change that for the sake of those that want to change us.

So if the culture immigrants find here is THE definitive culture and not to be changed, then by that logic today's American culture should equal Native American culture. They were here first.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


and unless a person happens to be a Native American, that person is an illegal immigrant who should be deported back to wherever.

You seem to be looking to pick a fight here

I respectfully decline that, persondem. We disagree on this. I don't believe me and/or anyone that feels as you say you do could come to an agreement on this. By the way, no one questions what happened to the Native Americans here as being wrong. When people use that "card" in immigrant arguments of today, however, they lose my interest quickly. The comparison issues in this are obvious.

(aussie accent) That's not a knife ...

.. This IS a KNIFE.

Fight!? You're not even in the arena. You make sweeping , unsupportable, inaccurate statements and expect readers to be impressed. I shoot holes in those statements and you ignore and/or deflect the points I raise (except the ironic one). You display all the historical knowledge and cultural awareness of a piece of Glenn Beck's chalk.

Fight!? .. pull-ease.

(fire away. I'm done.)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


...with our U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment, we have freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

I seriously doubt that 2/3'rds of the States would ratify an amendment to the Constitution which takes this right and freedom away by instituting Sharia Law. And if at some point in the future there are enough Fundamentalist/Conservative Muslims living, working and voting here to generate that kind of conservative religious vote, then either U.S. political theory has failed, the freedoms we espouse have failed to convince the Religious Conservatives that freedom is more important than control of a population, or most everyone currently living has instantaneously and unexpectedly died, failed to birth any offspring for several generations, or we simply all fled back to our countries of origin. None of which I think is a possibility.

Further, Muslims (including practicing, non-practicing, liberal, moderate and conservatives) make up somewhere around 1% of the U.S. population, about the same percentage as the number of Native Americans (indigenous population of the U.S.) living in the U.S. and territories. I no more see a chance that all the tribes would unite under one leader(ship) and try to institute any form of religious law as I see ALL Muslims uniting and saying they want Sharia Law in the United States. For one thing, they or their families came to the U.S. for at least one very good reason....Freedom. To lump ALL Muslims together under the veiled threat of "Sharia Law" is counter to their intentions and reasons for being here in the first place.

BTW, I'm not comparing the Muslim religion to the religious of Native Americans, but simply stating that I don't see any change of a united front of ALL 1% being able to make a radical change to American political and religious philosophy and law.

And France just passed a law about no head-scarfs in public. I'm not sure how that is accommodating to the religious conservative Muslims.

And the fear you express is the same one passed down since the beginning of time "they are too different....I don't understand/like them....they look/act/talk different from me.....they will change us....fear...fear...fear...". The Native Americans, Mexicans, Irish, Chinese, Russians, Germans, French, Europeans, Asians (East and West), etc. ALL had the same boogey-man tactics used against them. If you have any doubt, review U.S. Immigration Statutes, some of which are still on the books; they read like lines from Archie Bunker on All In the Family.

I have not stopped laughing

That was one great clip. Not sure about how the lead-in subject line about Jesus plays into it but it is one funny video clip. Good one.