Who will be the next Speaker of the NC House?

One of the things most surprising about the list of Republicans vying for Speaker of the NC House is how meh they all are. Their nicknames represent the most prominent news story I could find about them via a Google search going back to 2010 and there is very little there. For most, their nickname represents the only piece of news about them outside of their intention to run for Speaker. The following are their names linking to the article referenced by their nickname.

John "Medicaid Expansion won't help the poor" Blust

Instead of simply taking no action, the North Carolina General Assembly took things a step further, passing a bill early in its 2013 session barring expansion that McCrory proceeded to sign.

"This expansion will not help the poor, it will just hasten the day the health system will collapse," Rep. John Blust, R-Guilford, said at the time.

Justin "Brooks Brothers suits" Burr

State Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican bail bondsman from Albemarle in the midst of his second term at the state legislature, used his campaign account, to pay for $857 worth of Brooks Brothers suits, according to a report over the weekend from his hometown paper.

Leo "Hypocrite" Daughtry

A decade later, a $5.1 million proposal for new furniture and other upgrades also faced criticism. Republican Rep. Leo Daughtry of Smithfield blasted Democrats for what he called a “lavish spending proposal” that included desks costing $8,000 each.

Both earlier renovations involved input from both parties. Martin said a similar process should have occurred this year because the work will alter the look of the House chamber.

Bryan "Pork Barrel" Holloway

Stokes County has been awarded a $482,500 grant from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources to help fund the Meadows sewer project.


Morris thanked state legislators Brian Holloway and Shirley Randleman for their assistance in finding funding for the project.

Tim "You don't deserve answers" Moore

Martin said he reached out to Republican Rules Committee Chairman Tim Moore, asking Moore to halt the renovations, insisting that Democrats should've been consulted.

The I-Team left messages for Rep. Moore at his legislative and business offices Tuesday. Our calls were not returned in time for publishing.

Mitchell "Who?" Setzer (There were no articles.)


At least it's not...

Tim Moffitt.


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