Who wants to be a U.S. Senator

Who be North Carolina's next U.S. Senator. Although I had hoped Brad Miller would be willing to take the plunge, who can blame him for staying in the House.

Out of the candidates, I would like to see someone who already has a statewide presence. Roy Cooper seems like the best choice. He has been elected statewide by comfortable margins. The same can be said for Lt. Governor Perdue and State Treasurer Richard Moore. I wish that one of them could be convinced to switch races, but at this point that seems highly unlikely.

A few weeks ago I brought up Hugh Shelton's name. We could try to take a page from the Virginia Democratic Party's playbook and run a military man. I think that would be a good play for us.

Everything I hear about Grier Martin and Kay Hagan is very positive as well. They will be hurt by a lack of a statewide precense however. The good knews is that I would be proud to support any of these candidates over Liddy!


Grier's my guy.

I'm reading for a kick-ass fighting Dem . . . and a Major in the Army Reserves suits me just fine.

Senator Grier Martin. Has a nice ring, don't you think?