Who should we test against Burr

Hey Folks:

For the next two days Public Policy Polling is going to let you vote on who we should test next against Richard Burr. We've already looked at how Roy Cooper and Heath Shuler fare.

We took nominations over the weekend and the finalists for our next poll are former State Senator Cal Cunningham, former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt, State Senator Linda Garrou, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, and Congressman Mike McIntyre.

You can vote at our blog and we'll release the results next week.



Dean Smith

Always a perennial favorite.





Grier is a good guy. I've met

Grier is a good guy. I've met him and he and Kay were the ones I was betting on.

I'm interested in seeing how Bev or Mike Easley would fare. Not saying that I'd want either running. I think Bev should stay in the Capitol...the State Capitol.