Who knew?

Mr. Voller says he talked about his delinquent taxes on the campaign trail, so maybe I'm the only one who missed it. In any case, Republicans will be able to exploit this situation every time the new Democratic Party chair opens his mouth. So I ask two questions to those of you who were more personally involved in various campaign events: Did you already know about this? And if so, why the hell didn't you say something?


I wasn't involved with the campaigns

I wasn't involved with the campaigns and I'm not someone who got a vote on it. But there's this:


In traveling around North Carolina, I have met many Democrats who are struggling economically, who need work, and who understand the challenges of the "Bush recession" that President Obama inherited in 2008 -- and the devastation it has wrought across our country. Of course, I empathize with them because I was in business with my father when the recession financially destroyed many of our clients and left them unable to pay the invoices they owed us. The economic downturn led to our decision to close the construction business and work together to settle the company's debts. Since my wife and I chose to honor both of my parents (my father is now deceased), we incurred a tax debt that we have been paying on for the four years since the recession struck.

And this:



Voller is also dogged by tax liens placed on his assets by the state and the federal government for $98,801 and $187,715, respectively. Voller, a land developer and consultant, acknowledged the debts on his website at the outset of the race, saying they resulted from the collapse of the real estate market in 2007, which hurt his company and his father's construction business. Voller's father died last year. Voller said he's keeping up with a payment schedule and has reduced the total owed to about $200,000.

Thanks, Jake

I should have been paying better attention.

Whether its an admirable

Whether its an admirable explanation or not it is not good for the Party.....voters in this State had had a belly full of land deals on the outer banks, sweet jobs at NCSU, opticians, sexual harassment charges and settlements...all contribute to the image of a corrupt party in decline with little to offer the voters on good governance. Its maighty damn hard to piss and moan about Stam, Pope and the useless figure head in the mansion if we appear to not be able to get our shit together and keep a tidy house. So...no matter when he admitted the sad facts....it...he should have never been put in a position where he speaks for good Democratic governance. I am certainly no fan of the Revenue Dept, or the Yankee govt. of occupation better known as the IRS but it is what it is. Replace him before his tax situation is what becomes the topic and not a radical prop in the mansion and lunatics in the Legislature. The NCDP needs NO MORE ...NOTHING...that distracts us from taking back the reins of power in this State.

Spin it any way you want

It ain't good. I dare say many of the rank and file had no idea. There are still a whole bunch of little old lady Democrats who believe in paying your taxes.

It leaves one to wonder, "Was there no other candidate who was current with his or her taxes? This guy was the best in the state of North Carolina?"

he filed, so he is in good standing with the taxman

It is a illegal to not file, but if you do file, and negotiate your payment, you are legally on sound ground.
He detailed the payment problem many times in the last five years, and has paid a good bit of it off. This is his personal business, and he has handled it very well under severely difficult circumstances. I do not know what the sudden noise is all about, it smacks of weak GOP attack mode nonsense.
It has been on his website throughout his campaign. He mentioned it in many speeches and conversations throughout his campaign. Bob Geary talked to him about it 6 weeks ago, and agreed it was public knowledge, on the campaign trail and his website.
This is old news, if a five year old situation even qualifies as news. People who know him have known about this, and supported him throughout, the man pays his bills.
His father, Lott, was a great man, in business with Randy when the great recession hit. Many of their creditors did not pay them, but they paid their creditors rather than default. this is to be admired, not criticized.
Again, he is in good standing with both the IRS and the NCDR, so what is the problem? -E. J. Smith

OMG, Gary just woke up, and others---

The asinine attack by Gary Pearce on Randy Voller sucks, really badly, and reveals only that Pearce has not paid attention to the Chair's race for NCDP - but many know Pearce and his minions have conducted unremitting warfare against Voller. Randy spoke about his taxed, wrote about this, etc. They have launched numerous attacks on Voller to keep him out of the Chairmanship, unsuccessfully. All this proves is Randy is a businessman who has come to arrangements to pay taxes with the state and Federal governments, settling on terms as favorable as possible. He pays his taxes. Too many out there do not understand that sometimes business people get into a crimp due to business conditions and have to negotiate with the authorities on their taxes just as with their creditors. Just shows too many do not understand business or legal issues, but it does not stop them from attacks.

As for those who demand we take back the reins of power instantly, stop and explain just how in hell we lost it. Explain the hubris and incompetence of the Democratic elected leadership over the years. Explain our inability to do better. Explain our inability to clean our houses - think Black, Rand, Basnight, others -- where these people had fiefdoms celebrated by all the best brains. Arrogance friends, right here in River City. Even Protzman changed his registration I understand. And Gary Pearce is dedicated to the absolute memory of Jim Hunt. Wow. Let it go. There has been no definitive analysis since 2010 of why the Democrats lost their asses in NC, except the RSLC REDMAP document. Our people did not prove competent to the task. Elaine Marshall thought ALEC was a person--wow. So, Democratic political competence is bad in many quarters. What are all you smart asses going to do to help rebuild the Democratic Party rather than sit and gripe about it. The Republicans will attack us any way, on the time of day. Oh my goodness, me oh my, I'm going to faint. Get your big boys pants on and lets rebuild the Democratic Party in NC in a manner which recognizes Independents and others, which does not take too many in the party for granted - as does the monied crowd which want their way or nothing. So, Gary, suck it up and see if you can not be totally obstructionist.



So the perfect leader is a Democrat Jesus?

Sorted like the Republican Machine Gun Jesus? Some of you Progessive Democrats are living in a Republican attack Paradise, when it comes to a honest dude trying to solve his personal issues by the legal process in trying times that seek to destroy you and other innocent victims of the 1% Goldman-Sacks Bangesters like Governor Art Pope and his gang of Thugs..

" He is without Sin, Cast the first Waterboard Bucket at the poor dumb political Sucker!"* Book Of Reverse Republic Greek BS, Chapter 1, verse 33,

Spritiual Adviser to the 7th Day Atheist Movement

Gary Pearce Gave US John Edwards!

Although it has been a few years ago, I seem to recall that Gary Pearce was the primary supporter and strategist for John Edwards. In fact, I can recall when Gary Pearce extolled and praised John Edwards. Gary Pearce was a loyal foot soldier of John Edwards who helped him win election to the Senate. The two men, John Edwards and Gary Pearce, fawned over one another. Since so many people in business pay their taxes over time, Randy Voller did nothing wrong and certainly does not have anything to apologize for. However, it is just as clear that Gary Pearce should apologize to Randy Voller. So, it seems highly unlikely that anybody (even John Edwards) would take Gary Pearce's advice about anything these days.

Randy must stay

It's not like the interests of the North Carolina Democratic Party should be at the forefront. No, when the Party gets together for a planning strategy it should be how to spin the owing of $286,000 in back taxes into being a good and noble quality. The candidates will elect themselves. The Party members should be spending their time defending the late payment of taxes. The first goal should be defending the Party Chair!!! If the candidates can't get elected on their own then they were not good candidates!

To show our support every loyal Party member should withhold the payment of taxes. We will stand together in the face of the taxman as a sign of what the North Carolina Democratic Party stands for.

Remind me again what the Party stands for?

What do we stand for?

We stand for Community, Equal Opportunity for all North Carolinians, Fairness, and Transparency. We stand United for those principles.

This is what Democrats stand for.

Unfortunately, there are some Democrats who cannot accept that the SEC has chosen a new dynamic grassroots leader, not anointed by the old Jim Hunt-approval process. They fought Randy Voller throughout the campaign, but he won in a fine grassroots effort endorsed by the people of the Democratic Party, at the convention Feb. 2. They continue to resist him, tossing 5 year old news out to cause the distraction. He will lead this party, if they would stand aside or not. They fight him because they do not control him.

Randy Voller did not cause this discussion, RH, his distractors did. He ended it. Now, let us get on with the business of winning, like he said. -E. J. Smith