Who is Jim Hunt raising money for again?

A Feb 01 Charlotte Observer story told us something we already knew - that Jim Hunt (and others) are forming SuperPACs to raise money to influence elections. He declined to elaborate on the group and exactly what they are doing even at the Sanford-Hunt-Frye fundraising dinner where he was a speaker.

That same weekend, the N&O's John Frank reported that Hunt donated $1000 to Tea Party Republican Justin Burr during the 3rd quarter of 2013.

ONE MORE FUNDRAISING NUGGET: Former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt gave state Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican budget writer, a $1,000 contribution Oct. 12, campaign finance reports show.

Burr's campaign reports filed (scanned upside down) with the NC State Board of Elections shows that $1000 donation from Hunt to Burr (page 2 of contributions).

No one in the media appears to be interested in why former DEMOCRATIC Governor Jim Hunt would want to donate such a large amount of money to a Tea Party Republican legislator who isn't even his representative.

Perhaps Frank got tired of reading the Burr report upside down, but he missed something very interesting that appeared later in the same Burr report - a $1000 donation made by Burr's PAC on 11/22/13 to Rep. Susan Martin (R) on page 1 of disbursements. That was just days after his PAC made $250 donation to the NC GOP, and cut a check to the NC GOP House Caucus for $10,000.

In case you think it's a mistake - it also appears on her report as a donation recorded on 12/02/2013.

Other Political Committee Contribution
1 Check $1000.00

Susan Martin is a GOP House member from the 8th District - the same district where Jim Hunt is registered to vote.

In case you missed that - Burr made a $10,000 donation to the NC GOP House Caucus, a $1000 donation to one individual House member Susan Martin, and $250 to the NC GOP.

Had Frank bothered to check Burr's campaign finance reports, he's see that while Burr's PAC donated to the NC GOP and GOP House Caucus, it didn't give any money to ANY other INDIVIDUAL candidate other than Martin.

I have to ask why Frank or others aren't asking Hunt to explain his donation to Burr? Giving to Burr who then gave to Martin gives the appearance that Hunt "laundered" the money through Burr's campaign when it was intended for Martin all along? Granted this was before the start of the filing period, and it may have been that Hunt didn't know of any Democrats who would be running for the House in his district. But Jim Hunt isn't just any old Democrat. He served 4 terms as Governor, in two different 8-year runs. He was the titular head of the NCDP, and is routinely trotted out as a Democratic figurehead to raise money and give us marching orders to help get Democrats elected.

Other than the Sanford-Hunt-Frye Dinner, I don't really know how he's involved in raising money for the Democratic Party or otherwise build the Party. He's clearly involved in a SuperPAC supposedly raising millions to elect Democrats to the Legislature. But he won't give us any details about it.

Perhaps that's the reason why he's fronting for this SuperPAC anyway - to disguise the fact that many big donors don't want it known who they are donating to - and whose influence they are trying to buy? But if Hunt, his minions and the rest of the Democratic Party "establishment" (the 1%) expect to be taken seriously by rank and file grassroots Democrats (the 99%), they can't be keeping this stuff hidden from us.

Remember - in 2008 the NCDP dispersed $7.7 million, candidates got $3.9 million (consultants got some of that), but consultants got $1.9 million. All of that information is available through various public records.

The hush-hush work done by Hunt and others for these SuperPACs and other 501(c)3/4 "leadership group" makes everything they do - such as moving the Hagan campaign over to the Wake County Democratic Party - look very suspicious! But Hunt's donation to Burr and then Burr's donation to Hunt's State Representative look even more suspicious.

We deserve more and better from folks who want to lead us - even from the past!


Have they gone insane?


Another similar inexplicable campaign cash mystery.

General Assembly lobbyist and Democrat Rufus Edmisten is hosting a fundraiser Thursday at his downtown Raleigh law office for Republican congressional candidate David Rouzer.

(we wish it was a joke. It's not)

Have Jim and Rufus become zombies? Pod people?


"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014