Who is the Illinois Senator

Not sure if I even like this idea. The door keeper for the Senate was told not to let Senator-appointed Burris onto the Senate chamber?

One may not like Burgonivic (sp), but Burris has done nothing wrong. From what I understand, he was appointed to the position legally. All the steps and wickets were followed. He cannot be stopped from taking his rightful place.

Until Burgonivic is legally removed from office, HE is the gov and is the only person in the world who is authorized to make that appointment. Even if he gets impeached tomorrow, the appointment is proper and cannot be contested.

With that said, who is it for the Senate to say "No, we don't want that guy."

That is beyond arrogance. Is the senate trying to say that only people WE want are allowed in here? I do not care if Burgonivic nominated the grounds keeper to fill that senate seat if it was done legally. Senator-appoint Burris or the grounds keeper would have the same right and ability to be a senator as any other US citizen or in this case Illinois citizen.

If the Senate does try to block this Senator from taking his rightful place it shows that due process by this Senate is not wanted. This will be a rallying point for the repugs. There is no way 60 senators should be able to come together to block this guy.

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"The only way Burris will be allowed on the floor is if he possesses a certification of appointment signed personally by his embattled patron, Blagojevich, and Ill. Secretary of State Jesse White. Burris would then be treated as a senator-elect, which by tradition means he'll be allowed on the Senate floor without voting or speaking privileges - and he wouldn't be granted a desk, according to these officials. They demanded anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter."

We are not going to give this guy a desk, and he is not allowed to speak? Credibility is lost. This sickens me to no end. And Dems want to KEEP him physically off the floor of the Senate? This is disgusting. This whole read is highly disturbing.

Disturbing that it is being contemplated.Disturbing that leadership tried to keep it covered up, disturbing that it leaked out, just disturbing.

These same folks who are back door trying to keep someone out of the Senate are the same ones that want me in 2 years to say what a great job they did. How fairness, equality, justice and the constitution was upheld. How we kept the record straight and did not play silly reindeer games. Crap like this is way Congress has such a poor rating in the eyes of the people. The only people who can and should be fighting this appointment is Illinois. The Senate must hold out their hand and shake the new incoming appointed Senator Burris. That is all they can do.

This is being done DEM on DEM. Burris has done nothing wrong. He has broken no rules. Heck, the doorkeeper personally knows the man as good.

This is disgusting that Senators would be playing this grab ass game. This is extremely childish.

The Senate will loss all credibility if they even try to stop this individual from being looked at as a Senator. They will be relegated to CLOWN status. They will effectively say that a State does not have the power or authority stated in the Constitution. Their actions will go against the Oath of Office they will have just sworn to, or are under from last Jan.

This will be the dumbest thing the Senate will do this year and it will be the first thing. One hellofa start. The senate will never raise above this level of ............... dam i cannot come up with a word of how low this action will be...

Credibility will be shot though.

Is the Senate become a popularity contest? We want Caroline Kennedy because she is popular and can get the dem party money for the next set of elections. We do not want this Burris guy, chhheeeez who the heck is he. We will have to work real hard to save his seat in two years. And we gotta do that for a black guy no less.

The Governor of Illinois has not be adjudicated of a crime and he still holds the title Governor. As such, he is the Governor and all rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities must be granted to him. Hell, the Senate cannot take them away as they have no power over the State. It is not for the Senate to impeach this man. Therefore, the Senate has no power over what a Governor does within his state for the power he is responsible for. That would be like the Governors banding together and saying Reid should not be Senate Majority.


I think you totally miss the

I think you totally miss the point. But you act like this has never happened in the United States Senate. It's happened four previous times. The idea is that we want clean and transparent government again and anyone who this governor appoints does not represent that. I mean the man has made so many enemies in Illinois that his approval rating makes Bush look popular!

I do want transperency

What has Mr. Burris done that warrents him getting scrutinized?

While the Gov is dirt, has he done anything wrong with this appointment?

As long as he is Gov, his decisions have to be honored if they were done legally.

This is being boiled down to a popularity contest. The legal decision may not be accepted by most, but it is a legal appointment.

The Gov is responsible for the National Guard. Based on this arguement that he is not capable of doing his job, if there is a reason to bring on the Guard or declare an emergency etc, you are advocating that he should not be allowed to do that Governor responsibility.

Cant have it both ways. He appointed the man. For the Senate to oppose it is a problem.

The STATE should be the only ones that could question the validity. The state is the one that is the check and balance on this decision, not the SENATE. that is my rational....the Senate is overstepping their authority.

Here's the thing, Parm

The reason Blogojevich is under a corruption investigation right now is because he tried to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder. Because of that, any appointment he makes is tainted.

And as far as the state is concerned, the Lt. Governor (Pat Quinn) has called for the Governor to resign and to not make the appointment, and the Secretary of State said he won't certify the appointment.

The U.S. Senate has a responsibility to make sure anybody appointed to finish a term is there legally. If they seat Burris against the wishes of the Illinois state government, they really would be overstepping their bounds.

As scharrison said...Blago is

As scharrison said...Blago is only hindered when it comes to his involvement in appointing a new senator.