White Supremacist propaganda is littering college campuses

Looking for new (pure) blood to fill out their ranks:

During the previous academic year, ADL found at least 292 incidents of white supremacy propaganda. Generally, white nationalists who are not connected to the university are responsible for the material.

They have been increasingly targeting colleges and universities since January 2016, and began appearing in larger numbers in the fall semester of that year, according to the ADL. More than three years later their materials -- fliers, stickers, posters -- continue to proliferate on campuses.

These groups are evolving somewhat, although that evolution isn't heading in a "better" direction, just more clandestine. Especially since the Charlottesville debacle, the general public has become more aware of the potential dangers, and less inclined to tolerate outright Nazism. So Identity Evropa has given itself a makeover:

As was the case previously, the main culprit of the postings this spring seems to be a group formerly (and best) known as Identity Evropa, which rebranded in March as the American Identity Movement.

The organization accounted for more than 70 percent of the white supremacist propaganda posted during this academic year, ADL said. After moving away from the Identity Evropa moniker, the group stopped posting European-focused propaganda and instead focused on advocating for the preservation of "white culture." Among its new slogans: "Defend America," "nationalism not globalism" and "diversity destroys nations."

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote in March that no other white supremacist group has attempted to frame its views for a mainstream conservative audience more than the American Identity Movement. The SPLC considers it a hate group.

Its members downplay the extremism of their views, and advocate for immigration control in a way they believe will appeal to supporters of President Trump, the SPLC wrote. The image rehabilitation is an attempt to "cozy up to the Republican Party and, they hope, eventually alter the GOP to fit their own image," according to the SPLC.

In my opinion, the real danger here is not that a bunch of people will join this particular movement; the leaders are too in love with their own theories to actually organize such a thing. But the propaganda itself can plant seeds, especially in unstable minds, that may eventually lead to direct action of some sort. We've already seen it happen numerous times, where a school shooter was not directly connected with radical movements, but was in possession of some of their materials.

And their choice of placing these on college campuses has very little to do with confronting "Liberalism," and everything to do with targeting. Targeting emotionally vulnerable students, who will then target their physically vulnerable classmates. It can't be ignored or waved off as harmless, not anymore.