Which religion takes precedence?

The argument over SB2, allowing magistrates to opt out of marrying people they don't like, is about more than religious beliefs--it is about whose religious beliefs take precedence.

This is the same argument the right uses against birth control pills and abortion--they violate a business owner's beliefs and they violate a pharmacist's beliefs, or a doctor's beliefs or a hospital's beliefs. But in caving to the business owner, pharmacist, doctor and hospital, they violate the religious beliefs of the employee and patient.

This is the far right claiming their religious beliefs take precedence over the beliefs of anyone who does not share their faith. To give in to this is the path to theocracy.



My religion takes precedence

As a county employee, my god tells me that people who vote for Republicans are evil and I will not process their voter registration papers.

Memo to Q-Notes and Equality NC: Follow the Money

Vicki, you're only seeing the obvious part of this misguided law - an attempt by the NC GOP to go after evangelical votes in the next election, playing into their delusions of being "persecuted" by so-called "secular humanists".

Digging beneath the surface, I think there's something else going on and Equality NC and Q-Notes need to hammer on this one with NC's open records law: get all the communications of the main backer of this bill and the efforts to defend Amendment One in court. I'm willing to bet that you'll find that this is partly a ploy to toss money to the American Family Association to defend these laws.

We already know that NC GOP leaders are giving your state tax dollars to an AFA lawyer to defend Amendment One. Is there also an agreement for this same lawyer or another AFA hack to do the same with this discriminatory piece of legislation?

Interesting point: create

Interesting point: create work for your supporters by passing laws that will be challenged and paying your friends to defend it in court.