In Which I (Once Again) Belabor The Obvious.

What do the technical hubs of Silicon Valley, Austin Texas and Research Triangle Park have in common? Many things, I'm sure, but I'm going to focus on: a whole bunch of smart people doing dumb things. Specifically, solo occupancy vehicle commuting.

I know you probably know someone who works at UNC or Duke who carpools(or vanpools), because these folks love to bring it up when you're grousing about having to put a timing belt on a three year-old car. But why don't we all engage in some form of ridesharing?

I mean, it makes so much sense, both economically and environmentally, that there must be some important aspect I'm not considering. This also may have some bearing on future ridership of light rail or other public transportation initiatives.

So, assuming the membership at BlueNC is a microcosm of the rest of the (progressive) state, why don't we discuss the things that keep us from behaving smartly? :)

In case you're looking for some carpool buddies:


I'm a hermit.

No car-pooling for me.



PS Seriously, I've been a full-time telecommuter for more than five years. It's the best. But back when I worked in an office, the cost of "time" was unworkable for me. I had to get kids to school, get to work, be available for driving dentists and doctors appointments, etc., etc. The time it took to do anything using ride-sharing or transit was unmanageable.

When I've lived (briefly) in NYC, it was a whole different ball game. I rarely took taxis. Buses and subway all the time.

I lived in Chicago

for a year and a half. It was actually the near-west suburbs, but the public transportation was awesome. I remember when I moved back here, getting a car was at the top of my "must do" list. That's a shame, if you think about it.

It's funny you should mention the thing about the kids. The five or six people I know who vanpool are all single. Even though my dad used to carpool, my mom was a "housewife" (not that there's anything wrong with it), and was responsible for all the shuttling around of us kids.

So: in order to promote ridesharing, I propose we take steps to limit the "having of children". :)


From ride-sharing to population control! What a leap! :)

Thinking outside the box

that contains my brain. :)

Next phase: requiring everybody to use those weird sneakers that allow kids to roll instead of walk. This will allow people to conserve their energy for...walking up steps. I need to work on this one some more—I'll get back to you.


Are way cool.

I actually own a pair. It's a wonderful way to embarrass both my husband and my son. But I love them.

I also have sneakers with little lights that flash when I walk. :-D

are your feet that small?

Aint ever seen a pair of them for big folks. would be cool when I know Im taking a little one around to wear a pair of em.

size 11extra wide mens.

I got them at

::hanging head in shame::: Wal-mart.

The ones that light up, anyhow. They are men's size 7. But they had men's size 11, because my son bought several pair. He wears them when his band performs.

The wheelies I got in a mall somewhere in Pennsylvania last fall.

Whats wrong with walmart

I remember billy-boy clinton braging about how he brought walmart to arkansas when he was gov there.

and now that "i did not" is no longer in office, i actually go to that place now.


abuses it's employees.

Not individually so much - but as part of corporate policy. Trust me or I'll bombard you with links.

No real need

while i will go in there and shop, I dont go in there enough for you to do all them links. You would spend more time then i spend in 6 months in that place.

Not really.

There are plenty of them.

I do Wally World when I have to - and living in.. ahem...where I do ... sometimes you have to.

But nothing that I would do for you, parmea, would ever be a problem. All you have to do is ask.

I am at your disposal, sir.

AWWWW shucks,

Thanky Unique, im blushin over here.

But you where prior military just like me, dont call me SIR, I know who both my parents are!

As I Do

and they raised me right as you were.

You have my respect and support and should you choose to run for office in your county, Know - Know that I would come to help you as often as I possibly could.

Integrity never goes out of style. Remember that.

Time, need a transportation option that saves it.

I am in a time-sensitive job. So any time wasted in commuting is terrible for me; also, I never know when I am going to need to work through the night, which would not be possible if I had to coordinate with someone else who did not need to be in the office till midnight. My solution was living within 3 miles of work (and about 7 from my wife's work). I think that I drive well below the average person with this setup. But I would also love to take a train instead, where I can actually create time, as I can work on my ride to work.

Welcome to BlueNC

I don't think I've ever seen you post here before.


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Welcome to "NC Blue"

You may not have seen him post but I heard The Southern Dem did.


Oh Dayum...your right....


NC Blue...that's where I've seen him before.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

3 miles from work?

Roll up your pant-leg and get on it. A bicycle, I mean. :)

Seriously, being that close to work is perfect for biking. Cardiovascular, upper respiratory, stress release, it's all good. And endorphins? Forget about it. You'll be swimming with 'em.