Where's Patrick?

Patrick McHenry seems to think of himself as some kind of celebrity. According to some friends in the GOP (as misled as they seem to be), Patrick McHenry didn't even show up to the Catawba County debate... he didn't send someone to speak on his behalf, either. Except for sending someone to "secretly" monitor the debate (I imagine with a shoe-phone and spy glasses from a cereal box), Patrick McHenry didn't care. So, the question has to be asked: where was McHenry?

Patrick McHenry seems to be in the area, as he's been conducting a poll that has recently somewhat effectively made Public Policy Polling very, very irritated. Public Policy Polling seems to think (somewhat correctly) that the numbers are bull. But wait, how can that be?

Patrick McHenry only asked his friends. Go figure. No-one I've spoken to got any sort of poll- in fact, most were unaware that the poll was even held. Considering our friend McH only interviewed 400 out of the absolutely huge number of voters in this district, no-one should be surprised. Patrick McHenry could have just effectively taken a scrap of paper out of his desk, wrote "POLL" at the top, and had his staffers fill it out- it would have been just as impartial. Then again, rumor has it that some of McHenry's staffers are looking for new jobs, which may mean that he correctly avoided polling them.

So I decided to give this new form of polling a name: McPolling. So, from now on, I'm going to conduct my own form of McPolls. For example, I just asked my wife if she loves me, and she said "Yes". Now, according to McPolling, 100% of the world loves me, which is quite outstanding, my funeral will be a blast. With McPolling, number of people polled don't matter- sociological study requirements be damned. If you want a certain response, just ask the people who will give the right response and hand it over to the only idiot who will mindlessly post it without being critical about it.

Still, back to the topic. Some say McHenry might be in DC, some people say he's here in the 10th District, some say he's in Vietnam trying to get support from the Swift Boat Veterans- does it matter? Patrick McHenry effectively said that Catawba County is a "bad venue", and has left Ivester, Johnson, and Sigmon to basically troll around the 10th doing whatever they want. We certainly can't complain.

Still, you have to love how cavalier McHenry is about this district (going again to show he doesn't really care that much). Despite making comments about being willing to discuss the issues, McHenry is like a deadbeat dad not paying child support, hiding away somewhere and claiming to be "constantly busy", not answering the phone, and generally just making an ass of himself with other women (or in this case, other political races).

The problem here is, even as Democrats, we need a representative actually doing work for us, and it's going to take a toll in the long run. A Congressman who considers parts of his district "bad venue"s for him to bother going to is going to consider his whole district one "bad venue" to support when it comes down to financial and political support. Here in the 10th, our jobs are disappearing, our roads are crumbling, our sons are going to war in foreign countries, and we're all looking to Congress to do something about it.

So all I need to ask you is this:
Where's McHenry?