Where in the World are Vernon's Donors?

Since Vernon Robinson sees fit to leave hateful flyers on my doorstep I'm starting a new feature courtesy of Google Maps to see where all this hate money is coming from. First up is Leslie Smith, a $1,000 donor from a trailer park in Santee, California.


Does that seem hinky to you?

Have you looked up Ms. Leslie Smith on FEC to see if she's given to anyone else? I wonder who her son is? Father? Uncle?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Stranger than fiction

I believe in this case the Leslie is male and retired. There have also been contributions from Mabelle Smith at the same address to Republicans.

These are large contributions like $6,000 to RNC and $2,000 each to Bush, and seems even weirder when you consider this:

Mobilehome Rental Assistance Program
The Santee Mobilehome Rental Assistance Program is designed to assist lower income senior or disabled mobilehome park residents through a $75.00 contribution toward their monthly mobilehome space rent.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following requirements:

* You are at least 62 years old or you are disabled.
* Your principal place of residence is a mobilehome park located in Santee.
* Your total assets, excluding your mobilehome, do not exceed $25,000.
* Your gross monthly income is no higher than the dollar amount shown in the chart below given the size of your family.
* You do not receive Section 8 rental assistance.

Household Size

Your Gross Monthly Income
1 person $2,012
2 persons $2,300

For more information or to submit an application, contact the
Finance Dept. - Housing Services Division at (619) 258-4100, Ext. 133.

This is good stuff.

Man you are amazing.

I look forward to daily updates! I wonder if there's a map that will aggregate Vermin's donor base in a single shot.

Which could lead to a new campaign slogan:

Vernon Robinson
Out of our state. Out of his mind.

You missed one

Out of state. Out of mind. Out of district.
Can Google Maps show the district lines and put a big red star on where Robinson's house is?

No, but I can

Weekend project

Good catch Graig.

Three outs. Inning over.

outside the box

Let's just say he's not even inside the box that frames NC-13


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maybe a sad story here

I looked over those contributions and many went up to 2004, but I was reminded of the way some college Republicans were hitting on seniors hard for donations a few years back. There is no white pages listing for these two people now and I wonder if they weren't bled dry by aggressive RNC calls for funds.It reminds me of the televangelists - pressing old people to make them feel that only THEY stand between America and Satan. I did not see an obit but could search more.

Just a thought. I mean, I know my brother gave to the RNC but he is in Texas and rich. People who retire in trailers in who-knows-where California usually don't have that money to burn.

my correction

I checked again and found Mabelle(only?) gave to Ahhhnold in 2006. Still, they look like the people with a history of shelling out for every RNC cause - they also gave to the Friends of Larry Klayman back in the Clinton days.

Donor abuse?

Actually I do think these people are being abused, taken advantage of or otherwise being scared into parting with their money. The following are contributions by Mabelle Smith:

6/24/2005 $500 Coronado, Alexandria A
12/1/2005 $2,000 Bob Barr Leadership Fund
1/10/2006 $1,000 Spencer, John
4/18/2006 $1,000 Lewis, Hiram
5/27/2005 $1,000 Bob Barr Leadership Fund
6/16/2005 $1,000 Bob Barr Leadership Fund
11/4/2005 $1,000 Spencer, John
11/14/2005 $1,000 Spencer, John
2/1/2006 $1,000 Special Operations Fund
3/20/2006 $1,000 Spencer, John
6/7/2005 $1,000 Klayman, Larry E
8/2/2005 $1,000 Lewis, Hiram
1/19/2006 $900 Spencer, John
12/13/2005 $500 Bob Barr Leadership Fund
11/28/2005 $500 Special Operations Fund
1/13/2006 $500 Stop Union Political Abuse
11/15/2005 $500 Lewis, Hiram
2/17/2006 ($900) Pirro, Jeanine
11/15/2005 $2,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
3/30/2006 $1,000 Parke, Greg
9/28/2005 $1,000 Republican National Cmte
2/7/2006 $1,000 Republican National Cmte
5/10/2006 $1,000 Republican National Cmte
5/16/2005 $1,000 National Republican Congressional Cmte
2/28/2006 $500 Bilbray, Brian P
5/19/2005 $2,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
7/12/2005 $1,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
3/9/2006 $1,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
5/18/2006 $1,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
5/23/2006 $1,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
3/6/2006 $1,000 Black America's PAC
8/12/2005 $500 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
12/30/2005 $500 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
3/8/2006 $1,001 Save New York PAC
10/22/2005 $1,000 Pirro, Jeanine
11/22/2005 $1,000 Pirro, Jeanine
12/1/2005 $1,000 Pirro, Jeanine
12/12/2005 $1,000 Pirro, Jeanine
4/14/2005 $1,000 Save New York PAC
4/26/2005 $1,000 Save New York PAC
10/24/2005 $1,000 Save New York PAC
12/20/2005 $1,000 Save New York PAC
12/1/2005 $900 Pirro, Jeanine
1/26/2006 $500 Save New York PAC
12/1/2005 ($900) Pirro, Jeanine
12/23/2005 ($1,000) Pirro, Jeanine
7/26/2005 $1,000 America's PAC
9/27/2005 $1,000 America's PAC
3/9/2006 $1,000 America's PAC
3/8/2005 $1,000 Republican National Cmte
6/13/2005 $1,000 Republican National Cmte
6/21/2005 $1,000 Republican National Cmte

Source opensecrets.org

Lot 256 lease is up!

Actually I do think these people are being abused, taken advantage of or otherwise being scared into parting with their money. The following are contributions by Mabelle Smith:* Greg

Naw! No doubt the trailer park has a excellent cash flow
with very little collections problems.

wow, thats crazy

Do i hear the FEC ringing someone's campaign up soon?

Love the new idea for a slogan. Its just about perfect.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

I know the FEC info is public.

I dig through it too. However, further publicizing the names and addresses of individuals is a bit of a winger tactic...now, I realize they are usually attempting to incite violence against these folks and we aren't, it's still questionable. Public figures, PACs/CEOs and celebrities are fair game, but please be careful with individuals.

Remember, this is a public stage.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Point taken

This stuff cuts both ways. The unit is not identified. This particular situation is anomalous and, sad.

That doesn't mean we don't have a way

to discuss this sort of thing behind closed doors so to speak. I also think it's a valuable discussion to have, especially if we feel the tactics (targeting elderly) are questionable. We know Amy Ridenour was unapologetic in the targeting of the elderly her group did raising money for GOP causes. I have no problem with tracking things like this and I wasn't trying to play mother hen....although I admit to the tendency.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Bad act

This is a bad act. No, I don't expect some unhinged left wingnut to do anything to this couple. But by engaging in these tactics, you legitimize them.

Not the way I see it.

The right wing engages in fundraising witchunts as a matter of practice. I wish it weren't so but it is, so the question of legitimacy is moot.

You're asking the left to use pea shooters when the right has no hesitation to pull out shotguns. If Vermin's contributors are mostly from out of state, that means something. I can see not zeroing in on one particular donor, except that this particular donor appears to be a money mill for extreme right wing candidates. Voters should know where Vermin gets his backing.