When Liars Lie

Yesterday, I provided an overview of the sleaze swirling around Art "The Puppetmaster" Pope and his electioneering activities. You may want to go back and review all the details, but if you don't, here's the essence of the story so far:

Art Pope is contaminating North Carolina politics with corruption of corporate money, just as is the national Republican Party. He seeks to polarize the legislature and the electorate, destroy common ground, punish those who reach across the aisle, and subvert the will of the people. In other words:

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Today's lesson dives into the essence of the Pope's defense. Pope claims he is following the letter of the law which prohibits mailings of 5000 or more into a single legislative district 30 days before an election. The law also prohibits "express advocacy" to oppose the election of individual candidates.

Regarding express advocacy, only an idiot would read this mailer and conclude that it doesn't encourage people to oppose Richard Morgan's candidacy. Which probably explain why all the Puppets have no problem with Art Pope throwing his daddy's money around. (Click on the picture to see what this is really all about.)

And regarding the 5000 mailer limit, the truth is so bizarre that only a gaggle of lawyers would appreciate what's going on here. I hope you can read this. It's flat out insane.

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The truth is, Art Pope funded the delivery of more than 110,000 pieces of mail in races in which fewer than 7000 people voted. He coordinated his efforts with those of the NCGOP and with individual candidates. And that's just what we know about. In filings yet to come, we'll no doubt discover that invoices were held to game the reporting system again and again and again.

All of this money flows through the Pope Foundation or Variety Wholesale. It is corporate money pure and simple, and it is illegal. Of course, there's no other way to do it. Pope's daddy is the one with the big bucks, and little Artie won't be rolling in the dough until the old man kicks the can. So in the meantime, North Carolina has to suffer under the Puppetmaster's sorry inferiority complex.

And make no mistake, Art Pope is trying to import the brand of Republican partisanship that’s contaminating Washington DC right now. These people believe stopping things is more important than doing things. And they're hell bent on destroying public education, environmental stewardship, tolerance, personal freedom and integrity.

As I asked you yesterday, please contact the State Board of Elections and ask them to hold a hearing on this sad chapter of North Carolina politics.

Mailing Address: PO Box 27255, Raleigh, NC 27611-7255
Main Number: (919) 733-7173
E-Mail: Elections & Voting - elections.sboe@ncmail.net

Board Members:

Larry Leake (D) 828-253-3661
Lorraine Shinn (R) 252-758-6534
Charles Winfree (R) 236-273-8998
Genevieve Sims (D) 919-834-7775
Robert Cordle (D) 704-444-3500

And while you're at it, consider a letter to your local newspaper asking why they're not covering the debacle as well. North Carolina's political writers and editorial pages have been complicit in the Popeco coup - and it's time for them to set things straight.


PS to John Hood at the John Locke Foundation: Where do you stand on this, John? Is this just the fulfillment of your free-market fantasies, where elections are bought and sold just like shares on the stock exchange? Your silence about the antics of your boss is deafening.


Thanks for this post

I've added it to my "Best of BlueNC" bookmark and I look forward to going over it in more detail later today.


My first recommended diary in ages that didn't use the word "fuck" to get cheap points.


Your F-Bomb

I'm still hopeful none of our young people are reading this. You didn't use the f-word in the original post, but you still used it. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Wingnuts political correct Orwellian Terms

I' m still hopeful none of our young people are reading this. You didn't use the f-word in the original post, but you still used it. You should be ashamed of yourself.* John Boy evil twin

Okay! How about "procreation" John Boy? Now go procrete

You've cut my f-word usage by 90% already

but now you're getting a little prissy. Our young people have more exposure to foul language than any of us will ever know . . . but I sense the issue is more personal. You don't like the word? Great. Just say so. An honest complaint is always more welcome than sending in the kids to do the dirty work.


I'd appreciate a description of a child of tender years who cruises the local politics sites, because my imagination fails me. If the concern is that a youngster might happen across objectionable langage here, then I wonder what we've done to rise high enough on the bad content list to merit complaint.

My 12-yr-old reads BlueNC

and she corrects our spelling/grammar and word choices. She also reads FireDogLake.

She absolutely loves sarcasm and is quite good at delivering some snark. She's also very political. I have no problem letting my children read this site.

However, there aren't enough Gamecube game discussions or threads on A Series of Unfortunate Events books to hold Emily's attention.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This is me

Standing corrected.

Great Post

Thanks for educating me about this nefarious man and his plans. I rec'd you over at dKos.


O/T - Could I get a little attention to this post here?

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Free Speech and Equal Protection for All

So, most of you guys at BlueNC do not think that 527s are inherently bad. The Republican Legislative Majority, “RLM”, supported by Art Pope is bad, because it did not past the “smell test” according to Screwy Hoolie, or it went to far by engaging in “express advocacy” to elect or defeat a candidate for office, according to Judge Anglico.

Let us look at the RLM mailer that Anglico posted. It listed four legislative votes by Richard Morgan, his voting twice for Jim Black as Speaker, his vote for the 2003 budget and tax Bill, and the for the 2003 Redistricting Bill that gave Democrats the majority of legislative seats, even when they received a minority of the statewide vote.

What is wrong with reporting those legislative votes? Richard Morgan does not dispute he voted that way, he is proud of his “coalition” with Jim Black. the most Morgan disputes is that the vote for the 2003 budget and tax bill was only for “temporary” taxes rather than for “new” taxes. But, my main point is that these are not “sleazy” personal attacks or false distortions of Morgan’s voting record. And yes, most of us Republicans did not like the fact that Morgan voted to keep Jim Black in power and for the Democrats tax increases and gerrymandered legislative districts.

Now what about the express advocacy to elect or defeat a candidate? The US Supreme Court, in Buckley v. Valeo, has laid down an objective standard that express advocacy requires the use of the words such as elect, defeat, support or oppose a candidate. The RLM mailer used the words “It was the crowning blow . . . “ and “Helping Democrats - Hurting Republicans.” Where are the words of express advocacy Judge Anglico? Sorry, Anglico, but the courts do not consider your subjective opinion as to the intent or affect of the mailers, it looks at the actual words used. [At risk of really getting Anglico agitated, I must give Carter Wrenn credit for making that point so well on his blog. http://www.talkingaboutpolitics.com/Home/tabid/36/ArticleType/ArticleView/ArticleID/206/]

Now lets compare the RLM mailer to the numerous posts on this BlueNC web site. There was a posting about how some legislators, who are also candidates, voted on the minimum wage bill last week. “Screwy Hoolie” had a post criticizing candidate and Congressman Charles Taylor for his vote on HR4437 immigration bill. “Southern Dem” had a post on an upcoming Larry Kissell campaign fundraising event. There are numerous other posts on BlueNC, this election year, attacking Republican candidates by name and supporting Democrat candidates by name. If you believe the RLM mailer is express advocacy, then why are these posts not also express advocacy? Anglico, are you going to register BlueNC as a political action committee, report the posts and links as in-kind contributions, and comply with all the campaign finance laws? RLM already has filed far more for public disclosure on its activities, directors and funding than you and BlueNC have.

Whether I agree or disagree with Matt Hill Comer, and the new NCAC 527, I absolutely defend their right to engage in grassroots advocacy and outreach. But they better be careful, because if they even mention in a mailer or radio ad an incumbent legislator by name, who is also a candidate for office, then they fall under the restrictions of the same “electioneering” law as does RLM.

Now it is absolutely correct that North Carolina's new “electioneering” law applies only to mail, print ads, radio and television ads. So far, the internet is exempt. So far . . . . The FEC is considering whether to apply Federal campaign regulations to the internet, that would apply to web sites such as BlueNC. And if Joe Sinsheimer’s “JimBlackMustGo.com” web site keeps getting under Jim Black’s skin, then watch out for new legislation passed in the dark night by the General Assembly leadership of Black and Morgan, to silence their critics, whether it be Joe Sinsheimer, Art Pope and RLM, NCAC or BlueNC.


A 527 receives preferential treatment by the IRS - hence there are laws against direct advocacy. We didin't write them, but we think that Pope shouldn't be above them and using loopholes to get around them isn't following the spirit of the law. We don't accept that from Jim Black and we sure as hell don't accept it from Art Pope.

We are not a 527. We get zero preferential treatment from the IRS. We can say whatever the hell we want to.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


You beat me by 22 seconds.

To Clarify

BlueNC faces different rules from Pope's organizations for a number of reasons beyond the fact that we are on the internet. The short version is that we are more akin to a newspaper or television station than a group buying ads on those platforms and (unlike Pope's groups) we run on a for-profit basis and do not solicit or accept contributions--we are the free market that Pope keeps talking about but never seems to apply to his organizations. Also, BlueNC is a conduit for others to express themselves and not an advocacy group in itself. For instance your diatribe is allowed to be up here, and I am free to correct some of your points. I would do more, but UPS lost one of my packages last week and after 30 minutes on hold I just got back to a live person.

Just when I was preparing to give you

a piece of my mind (lord knows, you could use it), Southern Dem comes to the rescue and makes the point far more eloquently than I could.


If you don't think Art Pope is trying to influence elections with his mailings about Morgan, then you are either a fool or a Pope Puppet or both. And don't throw any crap around here about Jim Black. We've called bullshit on him more times than I can count, just like we'd expect any honest person to do. And for the record, I've never even implied that Art Pope's attacks on Morgan are lies, distortions or anything else. As far as I know, they're the truth. But that's not what this is about.


I don't know who you are, but for you to defend Art Pope's skirting around the letter of the law puts you in the same sleazy camp he's in. And to tell you the truth, it turns my stomach. You people seem to think this is all some sort of country-fucking-club game where rich white assholes get to throw their money around and buy whores like Joe Boylan for next to nothing. That's what you get when you bow to the holy altar of the free-market market fools. Everything's for sale and the man with the most money wins.

BlueNC uses for profit model to influence elections

I thought I was defending a principle, but I sure did hit a nerve.

How can anyone read BlueNC and say with a straight face that you, the people who set up BlueNC, and the people who post here, are not also trying to influence elections and change policy?! The following excerpt is from the Independent Weekly, so it must be true.

The Independent Weekly, MAY 10, 2006,”The Revolution Will Be Blogged,” by Bob Geary

“Right now, BlueNC—like DailyKos—is focused on electing Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives, where the Republican majority—given Bush’s unpopularity and the scandals surrounding ex-Majority Leader Tom DeLay—is starting to look shaky. . . .

Could BlueNC someday launch a progressive candidate into the governor’s office, or a U.S. Senate seat?
Protzman [Anglico] pauses. ‘You know, despite my general cynicisms, I wouldn’t be doing this if I weren’t an optimist. It’s a lot to hope for. But I don’t think it’s too much.’”

Good for you for using a “for profit” internet and/or news media model to get around the election law restrictions on free speech, but bad for the hypocrisy. How about in the interest of open good government and fair elections disclosing your own financing for BlueNC? Is your “for profit model” incorporated (or an LLC or other business organization) per chance, thus using “corporate money” to influence elections to the U. S. House and some a day to “launch a progressive candidate into the governor’s office”?


Is using donated web space and hasn't used any profit (such that it is) for political purposes. Got an alternative argument?

Durn, Lance..cut him off at the knees

Obviously Sockrates is having a hard time getting it through his noggin that it is legal for us to support candidates and sway elections with our powerful rhetoric and illegal for Art Pope to through his 527 funded mailings. He hasn't got this comparing apples to apples thing down yet.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Funny you'd use that name...

Anyhoo, here's the deal. What you're looking at here at BlueNC is what we call free speech. Under campaign finance laws (for more information on the finer points, visit the FEC), Pope can't do what he did.

There are no FEC laws governing opinion making on the internet. We're a lot like the evening news. We're talking about facts from our own particular points of view in a like-minded community of people.

Sorry you don't like that Pope is breaking the law. BlueNC is not breaking the law. That's a difference you ought to be able to grasp.

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Socking to Sock is becoming a team sport on the free Net

See Sock puppet! I warned you about your socks being clean here. By the way! How are things down at Repub HQ's! Are you still in that little booth doing
the phone bank thing or have you been promoted to washing sleezy Pleasee shorts in the Men's room? So how is your good short buddy Frank Williams doing since the Mintz scam fell flat on it's face?

Sock Puppet


Great Job, A

Last I checked it was still on the rec list. Really nice job on the entire post. I'm proud of you. Beat the damn drum sweetie.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thank you dear.

Yep. It was a good run today. The word is getting out. And don't worry, I'm just getting warmed up! Wait till all the crap comes out about his sleazoid divorce. I wouldn't normally go there, but it all ties in to his money bags, which is the root of Art's evil.

Thanks for all your support.


I've been researching everyone's divorces in preparation for this defense of marriage crap. I wouldn't usually go there either b/c I just don't care. But I'm going there.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

BlueNC Fail as Journalists,Claim Exemption from Campaign Law

You guys sure are quick to pat yourself on the back for dodging a question, and then making my point for me.

At lease you guys admit BlueNC is seeking “to support candidates and sway elections,” but you claim you are exempt from election laws. It is arguable as to whether or not you have over stepped the bounds by being a business entity that supports the election and defeat of candidates (the test does not turn on whether you use your “profits,” if any). Regardless, when you launch a holier than thou attack on RLM, a 527 that did fully disclose its income and expenditures as required by law, should you not voluntarily disclose who you are, the source of your income and your expenditures, to the same extent RLM has? I could not even find an “about us” section on your web site.

Second, it is interesting that you keep claiming an exemption from campaign finance laws like the “evening news” or a newspaper. Yet, you fail to meet basic journalism standards. Anglico refers to Art Pope as a liar, in the headline of this thread and in his entries. But then, when he is not blowing a gasket, Anglico admits, “And for the record, I’ve never even implied that Art Pope’s attacks on Morgan are lies, distortions on anything else.”

Also, any real news organization would report Richard Morgan’s allegations that RLM violated campaign finance laws, as just that, as “allegations” or “accusations.” Yet you guys report it as a fact that Art Pope and RLM’s actions were “illegal,” that “Pope is breaking the law,” when no legal authority, the State Board of Elections or otherwise, has held their actions are illegal. In fact, even Richard Morgan’s complaint does not accuse Art Pope personally of breaking the law. You should read the material you are supposedly reporting and opining on.

Lets see now, calling someone a liar and then admitting he has not lied; stating some one has committed illegal acts when no legal authority has held anything to be illegal a nd there are not even accusations of personal misconduct. And some of you guys are supposed to be law students, and you claim to be a news organization? You may want to check on the laws for defamation per se and take at least a few entry level classes on journalism ethics and standards.

To summarize, BlueNC admits it is trying to influence elections, but claims it is exempt from campaign finance laws as some sort of for profit internet news organization, and you refuse to voluntarily disclose who is financing you and your expenditures. On the other hand, you attack Art Pope and RLM, which has fully disclosed its income and expenditures as a 527, and complied with North Carolina law and a long line of cases, starting with the US Supreme Court, that distinguish and protect issue advocacy as free speech, as opposed to express advocacy to elect a candidates.

But then, you guys are progressives, everything you do is right and good . . . ., while anything conservatives do is wrong and bad.

Yes, I think I grasp it now.

Oh, and now I see Anglico is going to launch a personal “sleazeoid” attack. Yes, you progressives are so much better than we conservatives.

Chopped liver

1 lb Chicken, beef or calf liver

4 tb Chicken fat

2 sm Onions, diced

3 ea Eggs, hard cooked

1 ts Salt

1/4 ts Pepper

Wash the liver after broiling. Heat 2 tb of fat in a skillet and saute the onions. reserve the onions and saute the livers in the remaining fat. grind or chop the livers, onions and eggs and mix them to a smooth paste. add the salt and pepper, and additional fat, if desired. blend the mixture well. serve on crackers or matzoh, on lettuce or as a filling for celery stalks.

Thanks Betty.

A much more appropriate response than I could have offered.

Anglico, Dem,Lance,Knees Heck!,Go for the throat!......

Darn it,Durn it! Ah, Da heck with it all! It is just what the GOP seems to do best, Cry,whine & moan. WHY? Evidently because they are jealous ! Jealous of Blue NC and the good we do in this crazy mixed up world! Actually ,they don’t know it yet but I’m on to them and have them all figured out! Socrates GOP is in real life ,Socrates Taylor Bung Hole and Anonymous, Well that is really Jack Rove Pope Hole in the flesh! Anglico is right however, you cannot break the basic rule we were taught from birth! You just cannot argue with a Idiot nor a asshole especially when neither even seems to understand the True meaning of Politics! And we all know Dem speaks truthfully about the legality of supporting Canadates!

If it is wrong for us to do so then why is Socrates even commenting on it? Oh,Yea, Sorry about that, Had a Brainfart for a second. I tend to forget that while in the GOP’s eyes it is wrong or “Illegal” for progressive & conservative Democrats to support their canadates
Their party, their believes it is legal to the point all laws have been taken off the books pertaining To what the GOP can & can not do! It is a unwritten code within the GOP that it is all fine & dandy for the members of the Republican party to go out and conduct Watergate type wiretaps which is why Bush asked for
It under the patriot Bill so they could put wiretaps out during the Democrats convention this year. It is OK, if you are a Republican to go out and lie,cheat,defraud & promote crooks for a

Evedentally you are just mad you didn’t have the no how to come up with a site this truthful and knowledgeable about what is happening to NC & the Nation. SO in my own words, BACK OFF ! Anglico,Southern Dem ,Lance and everyone else here are very honorable folks and this
Site is one of the most honorable sites on the net! At least when I
Say it I can say I am proud to be a Democrat! Can you say the same about the GOP?

You know, At every corner in the road I have come to over the past few months, there has been a Republican there thinking that he had the right to tell me I was wrong with my politics. That in my job, which I try my best to be bi-partisan as I have to help folks from both parties, I need to only be in contact with GOP people. And even more or less Im not allowed to speak of politics unless I speak of republicans. Well, WHAT, just What is the GOP good for? Well for starters, and this info CAN BE verified as it was printed by the GAO which is by the way supervised by a member of the GOP, Right now in America, within the Congress & Senate, we have 180 bills introduced in order to help our Veterans. But why have they not been acted on. Well according to the Republiican led House Veterans Affairs Committie they are just more or less stalled there before the approprations committie's which are led by the rank & file of the GOP.

My President may of been accused of many things, but he wasant like AWOL George. Seems funny to me George even forgot he owed Uncle Sam for a year on his contract. Maybie that is why he is refered to as As_h_Le Without Leave George! Al Gore may of been called a tree hugger, but then he didnt do as "Tricky Dick2" Cheney did he. Gore didnt get 5 seperate college deferments just to stay out of Vietnam like "Tricky Dick2" did. And then he didnt help start a war to help his old company Halliburton to get rich did he. NOPE!They Didnt! If you are looking for the truth ask them the next time you speak to them just why Donald Rumsfield is the ONLY veteran of the crowd and he served every day of his commitment honorably. While we are on the subject of the GOP Socrates or Anonymous, in all of the Honesty you can Muster up within you, I want you to please try to talk to us man to man here and be Honorable about it,Remember it is better to loose ones pride than ones Honor, and awnser these questions. You seem to have a well based knowledge about the GOP and its values. It is good to have knowledge so I expect you should be able to awnser these simple questions.

1.As Charles Taylor was of the correct age to serve, Why did he not go into the service during the Vietnam era? Was he scared? Dont bother comming up with smething, He has no record of military service at the National Personell Records Center in St. Louis. However, Your fellow GOP member, whom I have personally talked with and do have a bit of respect for because of his military record Sen. John McCain almost lost his life when a 1000lb bomb droped from his right wing of his F-4 Phantom while sitting on the carrier deck and his jet was covered in flames. This was when the USS Forrestal burned at sea. McCain survived only to be taken prisoner and kelpt at the Hanoi Hilton. As McCain did this and over 58,226 others gave their lives in Southeast Asia, tell me, Just where was Charles Taylor hideing?

2.After comming on TV and telling America he was going to start pulling Troops out of Southeast Asia why did "Tricky Dick1" Richard Nixon 1 week later authorize "Operation's Linebacker & Rolling Thunder" the all out bombing of North Vietnam, its troops,civilians.children,the whole population. Where as Taylor then?

3. Why did Republican Gerald Ford authorize amenesty to those who ran to Canada or is this how the likes of Taylor, Robin Hayes and other's got back into N.C.?

4.What does 2 + 2 add up to?
You make a lot of accusations and pose a lot of Questions but can you awnser my questions?

Alright Dan!

Remind me never to piss you off, old boy, but you're wasting your breath with this Puppet. I like Betty's approach. Chopped liver. Sweet.


PS I think what really pisses the Puppets off is that Uncle Art is spending $200K a month to wage his war on democracy, and a bunch of volunteers at BlueNC are kicking his ass with nothing but pea-shooters. I guess I'd be pissed too.




You are so funny...

We're getting paid?

Damn.. no wash room keys and no paycheck. I'm getting cheated. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Socrates on Trial

Is it true, Mr. Socrates, that you intentionally, willfully insinuated yourself onto the website, BlueNC? And isn't it true that, once there, you did intentionally and maliciously attempt to undermine the political efforts of private citizens? Mr. Socrates, it's clear that you, using your voice and acting within all campaign law, used this democratic platform to try to increase Republican party hopes, and therefore diminish Democratic party chances, in the coming election. Your voice, though it be legal, constitues a grave moral failure. By speaking aloud in favor of your party, unrestrained by existing campaign law, you dared to influence the coming election by exercising your rights as a private citizen. Shame on you, Mr. Socrates. Shame.

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Good one Screwy!

You guys are great . . . and having so much fun with the Sock Puppet. Wonder how much Art's paying him to harass us?

I noticed that Dem.....

I thought something was sorta funny in that I was having to run down the street to the Port-A-John! Funnier though is the sign on it's door Bushy's GOP Portajohns!

Screwy! Quit Screwing around.....

and just sentence Socrates to the max. But give him more than he's given us. Lets see, you can always go with the being tied to bedsprings when the arc welder is switched on,or the telephone ringer treatment or my favorite, a wet peice of rawhide tied about the fore head and after honey is smeared upon the area of the chest they are then tied down over a big ant hill!

Speakin of the chopped liver......

Bettys idea was quite good wasnt it . But it made me hungry so Im off to the fridge!

Screwy this one's for you

I've been playing with the automatic features on photoshop...since I'm not that talented.

Here's Liddy 'bout to do a microphone...it's to go along with my comment at your place earlier today.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.