When Blue Cross Blocks you from Employment

Over the last several years I have applied for numerous jobs at BCBSNC.

I have noticed that each of my applications and interviews ended in the same or similar way: not enough experience.

I have 30 years experience in health care insurance and health care provider fraud investigation.

After being rejected time and time again for positions, I asked Brad Wilson why I was considered an excellent candidate by the recruiter but the BCBS execs responded by telling me not to apply for any jobs in the future.

I told Modern Healthcare that the lesson to be learned from my ordeal is that the state, the hospitals, and the health care insurance companies are one.

Below is the proof.

Joe Vincoli

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From: LOU Patalano
Date: Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 6:31 PM
Subject: RE: Why am I 'blocked' from employment at BCBSNC?
To: "joevincoli@gmail.com"
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Mr. Vincoli,
I am legal counsel for BCBSNC, and I was asked to respond to your June 14, 2016 email to Brad Wilson, CEO of BCBSNC. I regret the lack of success in your search for other employment.

You acknowledged the following in your November 4, 2015 email below: “You have advised me in the past not to email you . . . .” You have now ignored that request on at least two occasions.

I respectfully ask you again to honor our previous requests and not communicate directly with Mr. Wilson. Should there be any confusion, please accept this communication as a cease and desist request for any and all future and ongoing harassment and communications with BCBSNC, its Board members, its executives, and its employees unless related to your insurance coverage.

Should you have any questions or have any confusion related to this request, please let me know. Thank you.

Lou Patalano
Deputy General Counsel

Lou Patalano | Vice President & Deputy General Counsel
BCBSNC | P.O. Box 2291 | Durham, NC 27702
919.765.7215 | louis.patalano@bcbsnc.com


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From: Joe Vincoli [joevincoli@gmail.com]
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To: Brad Wilson
Cc: chancellor@ncat.edu
Subject: Why am I 'blocked' from employment at BCBSNC?


I worked for BCBSNC in its Winston-Salem call center in 2008 in a temporary position through a temporary placement agency. I had very positive reviews from my supervisors.

I recently applied for another call center position through the same agency.

The recruiter called me and was very excited about my 'fit', 'experience', and 'test scores on the assessment tests.

The recruiter wanted to arrange an interview.

The recruiter asked me if I had any questions about the position and I mentioned to the recruiter that I had worked for BCBSNC in a similar role back in 2008 and had had very positive reviews.

She checked her records and informed me that I was 'blocked' from employment at BCBSNC by BCBSNC.

I was surprised to learn of this.

I am copying Chancellor Martin on this email because he is a BCBSNC Board Member whose health benefits are covered by the State Health Plan.

I would like to know why I am 'blocked' from future employment at BCBSNC since my only employment at BCBSNC was positively reviewed.

As detailed in my email to you and State Senator Krawiec in November of 2015 (below), this pattern of behavior has shown up time and time again.

So, what did I do to be 'blocked' from employment at BCBSNC?

Please confirm receipt and reply to all.


Joe Vincoli
220 Epping Road
Clemmons, NC 27012

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From: Joe Vincoli
Date: Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 6:34 PM
Subject: Am I being blacklisted?
To: Brad Wilson
Cc: "Sen. Joyce Krawiec"

Mr. Wilson:

I have applied for several positions with BCBSNC over the last two years.

My application has been selected for several positions during this time.

Surprisingly, each of my interview experiences has followed the exact same pattern.

At first, the initial interview with the recruiter goes well. Comments were made about 'great fit' and that I have been selected for an 'on-site' interview.

Then, within a day or two I receive an email from the recruiter stating (as BCBSNC recruiter Katie Honeycutt does below): Our decision was difficult, but we will be moving forward with a candidate that more closely meet [sic] these requirements. Another rejection (for a call center job) stated that I lacked sufficient managerial experience.

I am copying Senator Krawiec on this because of her concern for the 'long term unemployed' (of which I am one).

Given this pattern of 'you're a great candidate' to 'you don't 'closely' meet the requirements within 24 to 48 hours, I have begun to wonder if I am possibly being blacklisted by BCBSNC because of my having reported the State Health Plan the overpayment issue concerning NCBH and BCBSNC?

You have advised me in the past not to email you and I have honored that request to date.

In spite of that I am emailing you to ask that you ask Ms. Honeycutt which skills the selected candidate(s) had that 'more closely' matched the required skills for the open position of "Manager, Network Management Support Services".

If an internal candidate possessed those skills one would have thought that Ms. Honeycutt would have been aware of that.

As for external candidates (which Ms. Honeycutt stated were preferred), based on her comments I had the skills that matched the job.


Joe Vincoli
220 Epping Road
Clemmons, NC 27012

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From: Katie Honeycutt
Date: Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 3:36 PM
Subject: RE: Manager, Network Management Support Services
To: Joe Vincoli

Hi Joe-
Thank you for your interest in the Manager, Network Management Support Services position at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. During the selection process, we evaluated the relative knowledge, skills, and abilities of all candidates whose overall qualifications best matched the requirements of the position.

Our decision was difficult, but we will be moving forward with a candidate that more closely meet these requirements.

Thank you for your time and best wishes in your job search. BCBSNC is growing; please continue to visit our Careers site for new opportunities that match your skill set, background and career aspirations.

Best regards,
Talent Acquisition Team
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

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