What's that in your water? Ewwwww

The Environmental Working Group just released a water quality report on 100 big cities. Wanna know what's in your water? Ummmm....maybe not.

Anyway here's the link....
Big City Water

RALEIGH #74 OF 100...You're drinking only 19 nasties, while Charlotte /Mecklenburg (# 77 )is chugging 20. Greensboro (#26) is swilling only 5, Winston Salem-gargling 10.

You big city folks are likely better off than us....we do have a big wire-mesh screen to keep dead things out...! Actually, just kidding...we're getting a nano-filtration system that's pos'd-ta-be state of the art.



You think that's bad, imagine if it were unregulated private companies doing the water management.


PS I cleaned up your headline because I'm the most frequent visitor to BlueNC and it was grossing me out. I do tend to get squeamish sometimes.