What's On Your iPod?

The light-weight blogging continues, this time as an interactive post. Here's what to do: break out whatever you use to listen to music on (mp3 player, computer, whatever) and look at the last ten tracks you played. (Anglico, we'll excuse you if you need a few minutes to see which of your phonogrammohpone discs you used last.) Then post the last ten tracks in the comments. Feel free to eliminate multiple tracks by the same artists, if you want.


My Study Soundtrack for the Last Hour

It Matters - This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes - Modest Mouse
Dear Grandma and Grandpa - Tortoise
Super Disco Breakin' - The Beastie Boys
Our Love Is Here to Stay - Aaron Neville
It Must Have Been the Roses - Grateful Dead
Kathy's Song - Simon & Garfunkel
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Stereo Mix) - Beach Boys
Boderation - Bunny Wailer
John Saw That Number - Neko Case
The Big Ol' Bug is the New Baby Now (stereo mix) - The Flaming Lips

Ok, that's actually eleven, but I just love the title of that Flaming Lips song so much that I couldn't leave it off. Watchoo listenin to?

I don't listen to music much anymore

Only when I'm alone in the car. When the girls are with me we talk. I can't list all the songs, but I have a great CD dear hubby burned for me with all my favorite Credence songs. Credence, Doors, the Stones and the Beatles. I've never grown out of them.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I like the Doors' good material

But I loooove their bad material. The only album I still listen too with any regularity is the Soft Parade. It's such a drunken mess, and I can't resist it's train wreck charm. ("This is the best part of the trip, This is the trip, the best part I really like; What'd he say? Yeah!")

I've only recently moved beyond the Creedence tracks that are on the greatest hits collection, and they're really good!

Ok, one other thought: I love that you listen to the Stones and the Beatles. I've heard people say that you're either a Stones person or a Beatles person, which is just ridiculous. It's like when someone says that they're a dog person or a cat person exclusively. They say it like they're proud of it, but it's really just an admission that they're not interesting enough to dig cats and dogs. So too with the Stones and Beatles.

Ok, shutting up now. Coffee overload.

There is very little music that I can't appreciate

I enjoy listening to new bands/artists/genres. I'm not much into rap, but will admit to enjoying a few songs that I think must be more "mainstream". I love oldies - music well before my time. I love show tunes. I know every song from Oklahoma, South Pacific, The Sound of Music, Mame, etc.... (OK..Out of practice, so might miss a few words now and then...)

My parents gave me my first rock albums when I was a really little girl. I think it was Christmas of 3rd grade that I received my first Doors and Credence albums. I had asked for "acid rock". Mom and Dad obliged. My parents are both Democrats and never listened to my music, but I don't remember them being vocal about their politics when I was a kid. Could you imagine a 9 or 10-yr-old girl who sings "Bad Moon on the Right" turning out to be a Republican, though? Sometimes I think the war protest songs of my youth shaped my politics more than my parents did.

How did I go from music to politics? Not enough coffee I guess. I'm rambling.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Love The Doors

Have you read the book by the original guitarist for the band, Ray Manzarek (sp?). Titled "Light My Fire"? I was 16 when they came to play in Miami, mom wouldn't let me go to the concert....

Here we go...

Democrats' Weekly Address
President's Weekly Address
Main theme from Superman Returns
Cato's Daily Podcast - Russia and the G8
Cato's Daily Podcast - How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the
Viva Podcast July 10th
Gravity - Jimmy Buffett
Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
Lay Down - Monique Rhodes
Liberame - American Boy's Choir - Interview with a Vampire Soundtrack

Thomas S. Brock



What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?


I like to stay away from trends whenever possible, but this is one bandwagon I may have to join. If I had one:

Camel - Flight of the Snow Goose
Who - Quadrephenia
Beatles - Abbey Road
Margie Adam - Naked Keys
Annie Lennox - Diva
Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
Stones - Tattoo You

Plus, of course, the President's Weakly Address (courtesy of Thomas). Not.



Mods and rockers

I was working in London when the movie "Quadrophenia" came out. I identified with the mods in the story and was walking back to my flat after the movie when I was jumped by three guys dressed as mods. Next day, bruised, stiff and, identifying with rockers, I wore my leather jacket everywhere. That night I went to a neighborhood pub where a rock band was playing. After closing time a small group stayed for some after hours drinking. The local pill pusher became paranoid that I was an undercover cop because I wouldn't participate in his bake sale. I thought, great, I'm going to get beat up by rockers too.

That was one life lesson in not identifying too closely with one group or another. So I keep humming to myself, "who are you, who, who?"

Can you see the real me?

Can you?

Can you?

One of my favorite all time lyrics . . . totally apropos to the internets age.

iPod less

However, I do have Itunes and I have been listening to the same old stuff. Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, John Prine, Willie, Dylan, Doobie Brothers.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Both of my children have iPods

My husband has Sirius satellite radio, but he does a lot of driving between NC and Alabama. I have nothing...nothing, I tell you...nothing! Heh...

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I used to have sirius.

Till AirAmericaRadio switched to XM. My last mp3's listened to are
Al Franken 07/14
Majority Report Radio 7/14
Majority Report Radio 7/13
Point of Inquiry
Seti Radio
this is from memory, cause the old version of winamp I use, doesn't have recently played options.

no songs, all podcasts....


"because if you aren't going to care about something, you may as well not care about astronomy." I love it. This is going in the podcast subscriptions.

here's mine!

nick drake, "which will"
afx, "cilonen"
dev/null, "goblin"
butthole surfers, "moving to florida"
venetian snares, "die winnipeg die die die fuckers die"
steely dan, "deacon blues"
steve reich, "piano phase"
wall of voodoo, "can't make love"
devo, "peek-a-boo!"
autechre, "augmatic disport"

(i listen to a lot of weird shit...)

some of them...

"I Am" = Taborah
"Bring It On"= Debby Holiday
"The Other Side" = Paul Van Dyk
"When The Broken Hearted Love Again" = Danielle Bollinger
"Shake Down" = Liquid 360
"Raindrops" = Stunt
"It's Over" = Joi Cardwell & Georgie Porgie
"Ends Of The Earth" = Sun
"Moving On" = Ian Van Dahl
"I'm Listening" = Madison Park
"Glory Of Life" = Mink
"Incredible" = The Shapeshifters
"No More" = Jason Walker
etc etc etc