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This week: fixing a pothole with your iPhone; Raleigh home brewers show off; taxing flamboyant church pastors; and a revolution in pizza delivery. Come on inside!

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Local & State


  • Barack Obama is claiming the executive authority to decide when to kill an American citizen without due process, and that his power to do so is a state secret, not subject to any intervention by the judicial branch. Who is this man, and where is the guy who was asking for my vote in 2008?
  • Why does marriage equality matter? One commenter shows how covering his spouse under company domestic partnership benefits costs him $3,500 more than an opposite-sex married couple.
  • WI-Sen: GOP candidate Ron Johnson feels that organizations like the Catholic Church should be limited in their liability when their employees sexually abuse children.
  • Also in Wisconsin, President Obama told young voters, "You can't sit out." Tell me exactly, Mr. President, why they should bother to sit in. What have you done for your base, for young voters, for progressives?
  • More than half of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is still there; "much of it is now buried in marine and coastal settlements."
  • Given the flamboyant lifestyle led by "raging homophobe" megachurch pastor Eddie Long, why are these churches tax-exempt? mistermix:
    Taxing the non-charitable part of megachurch operations isn’t even on the political radar, and I’m sure it’s just my heathen nature causing me to bring it up, but why the hell should the Haggards and Longs of the world get hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-free perks from their “charities” just because they’re in the Jesus biz?
  • The latest reapportionment study confirms the long march of representatives from Rust Belt to Sun Belt states. Texas is expected to gain four seats in the House, Florida two, and Georgia and South Carolina one each. New York and Ohio may lose two seats each, with New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts expected to lost one each, along with post-Katrina Louisiana.
  • George Blanda, one of the greatest professional football players in history, has died at age 83. You will never see career stats like this again: 2,002 points; nine rushing and 236 passing touchdowns; 335 field goals; 26,920 passing yards.


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