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This week: the Tea Party gets local; BCBS is giving money back to policyholders; crazy Delaware gets its very own bullet point; and parks take over parking spaces (for a day, at least). Come on inside, the water's fine!

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Local & State


  • This is what happens when the White House refuses to get behind a progressive candidate. [We get stuck with a corporatist Democrat who can't win.]
  • When someone tries to get away with saying that America is a center-right country, or that the country is shifting to the right, stop them and correct them. Chris Bowers shows you how.
  • This map of race and ethnicity by block in Chicago shows how large-city neighborhoods are still enclaves of sameness. Click through for maps for 40 American cities mapped the same way.
  • Mr. President, this is what a fierce advocate looks like. A politically smart advocate at that.
  • I guess, Mr. President, you forgot about that, since you have been so busy ridiculing your own supporters for being unhappy that you are not keeping your promises.
  • The crazy that is now Delaware gets its own bullet point:
    • Delicious GOP/Tea Party infighting: Karl Rove says if Sarah Palin hearts Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell so much, Palin should campaign for her in person. Does Facebook do maps and directions?
    • How crazy is O’Donnell, incidentally? Well, she may overshadow Nevada’s Angle and Kentucky’s Paul - check out just a partial list of her greatest hits here, courtesy of North Carolina’s own fabulous Pam Spaulding.
    • Oh, but O’Donnell isn’t the only crazy running for office in Delaware. GOP House candidate Glen Urquhart says that the phrase “separation of church and state” is not from Jefferson (it is), but from the mouth of Adolf Hitler. “Next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of church and state, ask them why they’re Nazis.”
  • Mother Jones’ “Simple Look at Income Inequality”.
  • Top Gun’s Kelly McGillis marries for the third time - but the first time to a woman (in a civil union). See what happens when you make out with Tom Cruise? The gay will eventually get you.
  • Church and state are separate. Except, I guess, when a church threatens to burn a religious text and costs the city $200,000 in security expenses.
  • Speaking of which, the Catholic Knight of Columbus gave $1,430,000 to the anti-equality National Organization for Marriage last year. That’s more than all their donations for educational purposes combined; more than all their donations for youth in North America combined; nearly six times what they donated to the Special Olympics. So much for “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
  • What to do when someone calls you a “f[a]ggot” on the internet.


  • China has suspended ministerial-level contacts with Japan after Japan arrested the crew of a Chinese trawler that struck Japanese military vessels near islands claimed by both nations.
  • The Roma are an ethnic minority in Europe who trace their roots back to medieval India. There are 5 million or more of them living in Europe, centered in the southeastern part of the continent. Yet they suffer prejudice and discrimination everywhere, as recently evidenced by France’s attempts to demolish their homes and deport them all.
  • I hate that I always forget Park(ing) Day until it’s already upon me, or I would join in. *sigh* Anyhow, check out photos from around the world as people reclaim parking spaces and turn them into temporary parks and green spaces. This shot is from Brisbane.

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