What's up at DPS?

The #2 person at the NC Department of Public Safety, W. Ellis Boyle, abruptly resigned.

W. Ellis Boyle, the No. 2 at the state Department of Public Safety, resigned after weeks of talks with agency Secretary Frank Perry.

In a letter to Perry released Friday, Boyle did not give a reason for what prompted his departure, except to say he was “resigning to pursue other professional opportunities.”

Boyle served as the deputy secretary and general counsel. His resignation is effective Monday, the letter states.

We don't really know why Boyle resigned. We know Boyle was in talks with his boss for "weeks", we know Boyle was mentioned as a possible replacement for the resigning Wake County District Attorney (but not chosen), we know Boyle has been mentioned as a possible 2016 NC Attorney General candidate, and we know that Boyle had quite a run-in with a DPS whistleblower not long ago.

But we don't know why Boyle resigned. Well, other than "to pursue other professional opportunities" -- and we know what that often means.

So what's up at DPS? Inquiring minds want to know!


In appreciation for service

maybe DPS gives out mugs or t-shirts?

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