what's up for the Charlotte Bush appearance?

I'd like to know if anyone is planning a counter event for the April 6 Bush Charlotte press event?

10:45 am THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks on the Global War on Terror

TBD Location | Charlotte, North Carolina


Is Mel Watt going to make any comments? Is anyone dialed into Charlotte activism? Whatever is done should probably precede the event because it's clearly designed to catch the noon news and might not get much coverage if it's afterwards.

Last time he came to NC (Kernersville), there wasn't enough notice to get a permit and the Kernersville police said their city attorney considered one person holding a sign a picket, requiring 72 hours notice which, of course, the Bush folks knew not to give.

There will probably be a protest zone miles from the place but we could get some creative signs on TV.


I haven't reread the Patriot Act after all the

changes, but one of the proposals was to criminalize activities that were held outside of the "free speech zone." The zone will be so far away from the event that it isn't worth it to show up. There is no press coverage. I'm supposed to write something for the MCDP web site, so will talk to Michael Evans, the local chair of the party to see if he has anything planned. Mel spoke today and he was wonderful but I didn't ask him about Thursday. He did grant me an interview, so I'm contacting his press person on Monday to set that up.

My house is in the flight pattern for Charlotte Douglas, Concord Airport and the National Guard Airfield. Not as bad as it sounds, but the jets are low enough that if I spray painted Bush Sucks going down our street he would be able to see it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is certainly outside the "secure zone" but I doubt I'll paint the street.

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Too steep

last time John sent me up there to fix the satellite I almost fell on my ass.

No more satellite.

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what about a separate event completely?

I know that people held an alternate event in Kernersville and the press did show up and I saw pretty good coverage on TV that night. It was billed as the alternate point of view and timed after Bush left.

Others did show up to protest but mostly the event was more like "here's our point of view" (In that case, that a mill in town had gone out of business costing NC jobs unlike the PR at the main event claiming Bush had created jobs.) The organizers were clear to state to all the officials that it wasn't a protest . . . .that it was like the "democratic response" to the state of the union or the weekly radio speech.

No money, No volunteers, no time

I will check with others who know much more than I know. I'm sure they would have mentioned it today to drum up attendance if there was going to be something. The biggest problem is it is during the work day.

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Sadly, that's Charlotte

The local party will work harder to oust a hard working honest Democrat (ahem...my mother) than they will to put something together for Bush's visit. It's pretty pathetic. I still had a good time at the convention. I will check tomorrow to see if anything is planned. If nothing else the MCDP should at least put a response on their web site. If I hear of anything I'll let you know, though.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

not so different

in my neck of the woods. But that rant is for another day. And maybe a more private place!