What's Burr Going to Run On?

I'm just Curious! Is he going to run on that Piss Poor Lame excuse for a Health Care Plan one of his staffers put together? I was reading Karl Roves comments form the Q&A with The N&O and one thing was crystal clear to me. Rove really doesn't think Burr can win.

Burr is Washington, Not North Carolina. Burr represents everything that is Wrong with Washington. Burr has done absolutely Nothing for the State. Burr Supports Tax Cuts for Big Corporations and Small Weak Government in a time where people want their Government to Respond to this crisis not back away from it.

I mean seriously, how can a Small, Weak Government tackle the Huge Problems this Country Faces? The people want results

You can't reduce our problems down to a Talking Point like Tax Cuts and Small Government. Get Serious and come up with real solutions.

If Burr is re elected he'll see it as a Mandate for him to continue doing what he has been doing, and that's nothing.

With our economy and unemployment rate the way it is and more and more people losing their Health Care everyday we can't Re Elect someone that either doesn't care about these issues or thinks that it isn't Governments responsibility to address them. Why should we elect someone that doesn't believe in the Government he is part of?

We need someone that understand Governments role in addressing our problems. We need Cal Cunningham.

We Don't need Big Corporate Tax Cuts, and we Don't Need Small Weak Government when the Country is going through so much. We need Smart Government. With Passionate, Motivated Leaders in it. Leaders like Cal Cunningham.

The only thing Burr is Passionate about is giving Big Corporations Huge Tax Cuts when everyone knows that does nothing to help the economy.

Burr is for Big Corporations not North Carolina. Ask him what he thinks about the Supreme Court Decision to allow Big Corporations to Spend as much as they want on Political Campaigns. Ask Burr what he thinks about the Tax Breaks they gave to Companies to send Jobs overseas.