What's Brewing in Raleigh? Possum Stew!

What’s Brewing in Raleigh? Possum Stew!

The most recent unemployment numbers in North Carolina show a continued decrease in employment. Gaston County, like all the counties in the state recorded more unemployed citizens than the previous month. At 11.1 % unemployment on the county level and 10.2 state-wide, the frenzied activity in Raleigh to right this sinking ship must be at an all-time high, right? Unfortunately the answer is no. Instead the feverish legislation coming out of Raleigh amounts to a piping hot bowl of possum stew!

Instead of an “all hands on deck” approach our law-makers in Raleigh have set their sights on laws that are not only insignificant, but smacks of silliness in the face of current economic calamity.

Some of the recent legislative achievements include how to properly handle a possum, making sure women’s breasts are properly covered and a wrestling match to take over control of the Charlotte airport. With all this social legislation, political wrangling and the visible power play occurring in our states capitol it begs the question, who is standing up for the working class citizens of North Carolina?

Most hard working citizens I talk to don’t want our politician’s time being taken up by debating the proper handling of possums or the correct way to cover a woman’s breast. They want economic results. Translation, we want jobs!

Many of our state legislators were elected and reelected with the promise of tackling economic development and job creation. Where are the late night sessions to come up with bold economic legislation? Where is the urgency which leads to state reps and senators coming together to bring development to North Carolina and specifically Gaston County?

To bring this home, our local legislators need to spend their personal and professional energies on issues that puts something on the kitchen table other than possum stew. Countless Gaston County citizens are tired of no economic activity other than the occasional jobs announcement of 30 or 40 jobs coming to Gaston County. Although welcome news, these small jobs announcements will barely place a dent in the current unemployment rate.

Gaston residents and North Carolinians deserve better. We deserve a serious effort void of political payback that leaves all other social and personal agenda items at the end of the laundry list while the only concern of our lawmakers should be jobs, jobs and more jobs.

Whether it’s the fight over flight, women’s wardrobe malfunctions or possum stew, Raleigh has bigger issues at hand. We as citizens should not just roll our eyes when the latest distraction comes our way. We should not laugh it off as a “three stooge’s moment”, we should demand better and hold our law makers accountable.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate continues to climb while Gaston County residents continue to drown in debt and despair. Unless we can change the current course in Raleigh instead of a piece of the economic pie Gaston County will continue to eat possum stew.


Get used to it

All the "demanding" in the world won't change the minds or actions of GOP zealots. Sad to say, we are well and truly screwed, and a diet of possum stew will be on the menu for decades to come. We the people of North Carolina elected these clowns and we will long be paying the price for our collective stupidity.