What would you ask McCANE???

Alright, get your lie detectors out...you can ask John McCain anything but only his hair dresser knows for sure.


McCain doesn't even obey his own laws.

Do you think Stephanopoulos will ask him about this?

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McCain-Feingold? Who ever came up with that?

McCain Fund Gets Around Donation Limits

Elizabeth Holmes reports on the presidential race:

To help ease their fund-raising woes, John McCain’s campaign has devised a new system to increase the maximum amount an individual can donate to the unofficial Republican nominee’s election efforts.

Campaign manager Rick Davis released the details of the "McCain Victory 08" fund on Friday. He said the entity is a joint committee, combining the McCain campaign, the Republican National Committee and four key states under a "hybrid legal structure."

The idea is to tap donors for more than the $2,300 limit set by campaign finance laws. Under legislation pushed by McCain in his role as a senator from Arizona, an individual can donate a maximum of $2,300 to a presidential primary campaign and the same amount to the general election campaign. Although McCain received the number of delegates necessary to secure the nomination in March, he will not be the party’s official nominee until the convention in September—so he is still running a primary campaign.

The new structure allows up to $70,000 in individual contributions by channeling the money into different McCain-centric funds.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

I loved this question from the Real McCain. com

Senator, you and President Bush were enjoying a slice of cake while New Orleans residents were drowning; actually eating cake while floodwaters rose from faulty levees. What type of cake would you anticipate having in the event of another national emergency, and what cakes would you eat as President while declaring war on sovereign, non-threatening, oil producing countries?

The answer of course is whatever flavor cake Marie Antoinette was having.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

Scare Feces of Admiral McCain?

A friend who has been around Republican politicians for decades says that those who know McCain the best, and are not crazed neocons themselves, are terrified of him. This includes the Bushites. It's not just the bouts of anger; they think McCain is literally insane. This is why, they say, his medical records are hidden. What do they fear most from a McCain presidency? Nuclear war.