What would it take to bring American's together on just ONE issue?

While it's good to think that bringing us all together here in America would be a great and wonderful enterprise, it wouldn't make any sense to bring us together in an undifferentiated horde. By undifferentiated, I mean that we do have differences to overcome and those differences are as wide as the Grand Canyon at times. Yet, there has to be something, some reason or a situation that could part the great divide and allow us to see eye to eye on a particular subject or state of affairs.

What might that look like in 2009? What would it take to pull it off?


Let me answer the second question first. Education. Pure and simple.

Back to the first question.

We know there are many psychological and sociocultural factors acting on individuals and groups that drive condition behavioral patterns today. There are also a myriad of political and governmental ideology divides that somehow seem to keep us from forming a consensus on issues as simple as health care. That, my friends is where I'm confounded and confused. Let me explain why.

Few of us wants to to surrender our individuality or our individual responsibilities. Yet to a growing number of American citizens, the idea that we are becoming a "socialist" country is scaring the hell out of them. Why? Because if we become socialists, we are somehow embracing the Communist manifesto or something. As Jim Juback of MSNBC muses, what the hell does that mean anyway?

Listen to congressional speeches calling for the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to exit the "free market" before it's too late to save even the bones of US-style capitalism and before the Obama administration sells us into, gasp, socialism.

(I just wish someone, sometime, making this charge would be specific about what kind of socialism he or she is talking about. Are we afraid that this administration wants this country to be Sweden or that it has a hankering for Stalin-era gulags and collective farms, where we all start the day singing to the glory of our tractors? There's a big difference. Maybe the speakers could wear hats or talk in funny accents to make their definitions clear.)

Exactly! What is the real issue again? Well in truth, there isn't one really. It just sounds so 1960's when you yell about socialism and communism and all those other -ism's.

The Red threat and all that. Sure, to people of my generation, the Baby Boomers, we grew up with the whole Us vs. Them mindset. It didn't get us anywhere except to make a lot of the military-industrialists rich as kings, and likely that was the whole point in the first place. Yet now, without the threat of the USSR hanging over our country like a smelly gas and the Mooslem Terrahrists just too hard to see as a viable THEM whilst hiding in their caves and popping out for their Spring Offensives, the right wing just doens't have a serious contender for a boogyman county. Someone we can ALL get behind loathing and fearing. So, they turned their sights inward, deeply inward to the very country we live in, The United States of America and the Democratic Party! Ever since Bill Clinton showed up at the White House, the new boogyman for the Right has been the Left. Liberals and Progressives are now the new THEM! Since that is a fact and is now the case, let me ask this question.

Why aren't we coming together as Americans when it comes to the obvious need to reform health care? Seriously? Why?

Because we are getting mixed signals from different input sources, of course.

Let's face it. 47 million Americans without health care insurance must be interested in being insured. The majority of Americans with junk health care insurance must be interested in obtaining an insurance policy that actually allows for them to walk away, hopefully, from an extened health care episode that does not bankrupt their family or cause them to DIE over the fact that they have to choose death over banktrupcy if they want their remaining family to remain solvent after their death. The Right in America does not want to see health care reform for the very reason that they cannot return to power if good health care reform is enacted and ALL Americans, those that lean Right and those that lean Left are able to see and touch and feel the difference that simple policy act has made for themselves and their families.

Countering the lies and the obsfucation of the Right is so easy when it comes to this issue that it isn't funny. Even the Congressional Budger Office (CBO) has recently stated that a good Public Option will save far more money than any other type of health care reform option that is currently under consideration. That is just savings to the government that they are talking about. Think about the additional savings to the average American family, be they conservative or progressive that will come about when the insurance companies finally have real competition that they must work with, instead of against as they are today.

If explained as such, most Americans would understand the need for a Public Option that might someday lead to an even more cost efficient Universal Health Care policy for their families and themselves.

Progressives? It is up to us to make this case. Our elected Democrats will not, at least not in numbers enough to educate the American people. Our elected Republicans will not at all.

We Americans have come together in times of need before, no matter our political stripes. We could easily come together in this time of need like never before. The health care situation in America is killing us, in far greater numbers than any threat from any outside country or group of people possibly could.

IF we enlightened progressives make sure to pass on our knowledge on a daily basis, to as many people that we come in contact with that will allow us the time to tell them, we will win converts. Those converts can be asked to contact their Congressional Representatives. The numbers are already on our side, no matter what CNN and Faux try to tell you. The more Americans on board, the more our Congress has to take heed.

You are an American. The person sitting next to you, listening to Rush every day at lunch is an American. Get to know them better. Tell them you have something for them. I am NOT advocating trying to understand why they are who they are or why they believe that lying sack of un-American dog-doo, but I am asking you to talk to them on this one subject.

Just tell them the truth. But, be gentle. They don't hear much of that these days.


The REAL numbers.

First, the CBO report on the Public Option:


Second, the polling numbers from the New York Times/CBS News poll from September 25 on the Public Option:

Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government-administered health insurance plan like Medicare that would compete with private health insurance plans?

Favor 65%

No Opinion 9%

Oppose 26%

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Funluvin, such an excellent presentation

There are so many elements that keep "us" from coming together on health care reform. A big part of that is political and I'm sure you know that's true. I have posted on another line here a question about how our country can justify insurance companies letting people not only suffer but actually die because of the bottom line element with regard to profits that go to the insurance company's bottom line. How can anyone, republican or democrat, liberal or conservative actually think that this is something that is good for America?

I know that our legislators must "go across the aisle" and "compromise" in every and any bill presented. But, this one issue, as you've said, is something that is just so important to our populace in America that we must ALL come to the conclusion that what is best for the health care of our citizens is best for America.

This is different than discussing the war in Afghanistan or card check or reducing our national debt (although there might be a case made on that issue here by some) or the issue of gun rights or abortion. This is about the health care of our citizens. This is something OTHER than that, all. This is something we must solve and we must solve N O W. It isn't something we can afford to put off or wait until the political climate is right. This is about those that are suffering and those that are dying from our inaction.

Again, the hair on my neck is standing up. Why is there so much disagreement when it comes to our citizen's health care? What is wrong with us?

Thanks, funluvin. I love how you think and know that you know the truth behind all of this.

You know the score.

Keep playing it for those that will listen, my friend.

I appreciate your understanding of the facts. Let's get this done together. Keep talking to those you come into contact with, and remember that everyone has their own opinion. We cannot bring change that those that do not want to change. However, we can make some serious in-roads to those that are just mis-informed.

Even a majority of Republicans agree with the idea of a Public Option. It is a small percentage, but then again, they are a small percentage of voters in America. Treat them kindly as they have been told many stories and are likely confused as to what to believe.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

It would take a miracle

I would take both sides not calling each other names to start with.

It would take recognizing that your opponent isn't a mean horrible person and probably wants the same goal as you, they just disagree on how to get there.

It would take realizing that neither business nor government is evil.

It would take folks realizing that the path to hell can be paved with good intentions.

It would take realizing that a bunch of career politicians with little to no business or management experience may not have all the answers.

It would take realizing that our country is $12 trillion in debt and growing at the fastest rate in history and that we both as individuals, as cities, as states and as a country are flat freaking broke.

In short, it would take a miracle. I'm not holding my breath.

It would also take a conversation between American citizens

that do not have a corporate or government job at stake. Or those that don't have a job at all.

The terrible debt that the country has run up is quite striking, isn't it? Especially after having had a surplus prior to the year 2000. What a difference a decade makes, huh? Perhaps the monetary decisions being made at this time, combined with a sensible overhaul of health care will be the beginning of the end of the nightmare that the current administration inherited. And what a nightmare they did inherent.

We, the American people can only hope so. The changes made so far have not been mindblowing at first glance, yet who are we to judge the short term when the real answer lies many years down the line. You can't un-shit the bed until you re-make it, right?

Do NOT hold your breath! We've seen enough of that recently, and the tantrums coming from the lack of air are not only incoherent (which one would expect from a lack of REAL oxygen), but kinda stupid as well.

Keep talking to your family, friends and neighbors and do your best to bring them around to understanding that we Americans can stand together and make this country a better place for your family, my family and everyone else and their families.

Can you imagine the power in that one single action?

We might even be able to discuss the hypothetical best time to breath hold in the future.

Thanks for all that you do!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Democracy wasn't built on building a concensus!

Quite honestly we have the best system in the World. What we need to do is get the Big Money Special Interest out of it.

When Lehman Brothers has a bigger say than the Hall Brothers from Deep Run,NC you know we have a big problem. I can never buy the amount of influence that the Big Multi-National Corporations have.

Why don't we have Health Care Reform when Harry Truman tried to get it done? Big Business and Special Interest.

Why didn't we get Universal Health Care when Lyndon Johnson proposed Medicare? Big Business and Special Interest!

Why did Bill Clinton Fail to pass Health Care Reform in the early 90's? Big Business and Special Interest.

They simple own too many congressman. I can't remember who said the qoute but it goes like this A good Politician is when they are bought they stay bought, or something like that. Too many of these guys have sold their soul to Big Business and Special interest. And too many of them are Democrats I am sad to say!!!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

The answer to the opening question of what it would take to....

unite the country, is what happened on 9/11, or a Pearl Harbor. The difference was FDR focused the country on the enemies, whereas Bush used it as a way to manipulate the country into a plan to gain control over more oil. And the point that Hallstyle makes, is well taken. Our big multinationals are the 'new' enemy of the people. They have no allegiance to any country, only to their bottom line. Social programs do not have any place on their agendas. It's all about survival of their corporations, and whatever it takes, in bribes, extortion or any other sleazy methods. But the one thing corporations can't do, is vote. And if people could try just a little to educate themselves to what is pretty obvious, they could root out the parasites who serve those very corporations in our government. You certainly have to wonder how a politician can look at the CEO of a major health insurance company, who is paid twelve million a year to be a bean counter, and feel that industry doesn't need regulation. I can surely assume he's 'owned' by those very corporations.

Perfect response

What do we need to do to make sure that there isn't an inordinant amount paid to those that direct many of the corporations in our country? I mean, let's all get real here. Just how much is "too much"?

We, as a country, must make sure that there isn't so much taken from the populace that it just solidifies the huge take-in from improbable people with improbable benefits. What is right? What is beyond "too much"? That's the question especially when it comes from the people that cannot afford what they are selling or what government allows them to achieve.

Does that sound "socialist"? I do not think so.

Most people in NC agree on

Most people in NC agree on local politicians, if not issues. Consider Meeker & McCrory's multiple terms. Maybe start with that?