What Would an 8th District Congressman's Top Ten List Be?

Several weeks ago there was a mini-burst of activity on the Wayne's World blog site by supporters of two candidates for Congress in North Carolina's Eighth Congressional District. I say "two" candidates because about a week ago I received a letter from John Autry's campaign specifically identifying his manager, website, and opening of a committee with the Federal Elections Commission. (Thank you for mailing that to me, by the way.) Autry lives in Charlotte and ran in the 2006 Democratic primary. Larry Kissell, a Biscoe educator, has been a 2008 candidate since the end of his extremely close 2006 race in the general election. And there may be others who haven't officially made their decisions about Congress yet. ...

OK, here is my first set of questions I pose to candidate (Kissell and Autry) and potential candidate (Glazier? Others?), and their respective supporters, alike:

What would a Democratic Congressman in the 8th Congressional District do?

With apologies to David Letterman, what would your Top Ten List be for the Eighth Congressional District?

In other words, what would your action items be?

I welcome your comments and proposals.

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The original post of the above began running at "Wayne's World" several days ago. To review the energetic dialogue/debate/discussion among those commenting there, go to www.eighthdistrictdemsnc.blogspot.com and feel free to comment there as well.


With all due respect,

Robin Hayes isn't going to respond and we already know his priorities have little to do with the concerns of all but the brain-dead bigots and chicken-hawks among his constituents.

Since I don't live in the 8th District I don't know if there's anything unique there that ought to be addressed. But across the board, and MOST CERTAINLY in my own 7th District we need our Congress-person to:

-Renounce membership in, or promise not to join, the Blue Swine Dogs.
-Restore our Constitutional Rights and the Geneva Conventions...or in McIntyre's case, also apologize for having voted to take them away in the first place.
-Promise to consider issues on their merit and impact on the majority of his/her constituents rather than on his or her own religious beliefs (oooh...say stem cell research for example.)
-Promise to do his or her best to revisit and revise the 2007 Farm Bill and, regardless that his/her district has many rich folks getting big subsidies, stop the subsidies to people with AGI's of $200K or more.
-Support Universal or Single Payer Health care proposals that make sense and provide coverage for all Americans.
-Stop the tax cuts for the Ultra Rich. (People earning more than $1 Million a year) and tax dividends for those with AGI's above $200 K at the same rate as earned income. Make Hedge Fund Managers pay their fair share too.
-Stop the Finance Industry from arbitrarily raising interest rates on credit card debt and stop all usurious interest rates.
-Restore our Military and support them and their families with adequate pay, good health care for them and their families, and recognize the sacrifices they and their families make in all our behalfs.
-Address the important issues. Stop sending us a news letter congratulating yourself for having found a way to spend the taxpayers money in your district...often inappropriately...and tell us what you're doing to solve our energy needs and get us off our dependency on foreign oil.
-Either fund the FDA and start making our food supplies safe again....or start squawking on TV and telling us who the bastards are that are killing us softly.

Finally, stop talking and acting as if you care, and actually DO Something.
SE NC Dems

Stan Bozarth

Reply to Stan

Thank you, Stan, for posting.

One correction: Though my post's title doesn't designate, the body of the original post more specifically asks for Democratic candidates for Congress, or their supporters, or Democrats generally, to respond ... and not Robin Hayes, contrary to your initial sentence. I agree: We certainly would'nt/shouldn't expect Hayes to repond on a Democratic blog!

Again, thanks for your entry. I look forward to hearing what additional folks think of both posts as well as the detailed discussion on the subject on my blog at "Wayne's World", over at www.eighthdistrictdemsnc.blogspot.com