"What we've accomplished" in Iraq is the destruction of civilization.

I'm in the middle of a bunch of work stuff, but someone just forwarded me this link to Ezra Klein. You can read the whole thing, but here is a taste of what we have accomplished in Iraq.

Suha has three children. She's married; her husband thinks that she cleans houses.

"I don't have money to take my kid to the doctor. I have to do anything that I can to preserve my child, because I am a mother," she says, explaining why she prostitutes herself.

Anger and frustration rise in her voice as she speaks.

"No matter what else I may be, no matter how off the path I may be, I am a mother!"

Karima, another woman forced into prostitution to feed her family, has five children. Her oldest son is old enough to work, but she doesn't allow it because of how dangerous Iraq is. Another woman lives with her three children in just one room. She hosts her "clients" in that room, with each child in a different corner, facing the wall.

More of the "Family Values" that we've seen from the Republicans for the last six years. Destroy their country, make Halliburton investors wealthier, and f*(# the families.


This kind of phenomena

is what feeds the ranks of the suicide bombers. When being a survivor is more painful and humiliating than dying, blowing yourself up doesn't look so crazy anymore.

It's a tragedy, and a preventable one at that.


Most people seem to get this fact, but not our Decider in Chief. Economic prosperity is the surest way to cut down on suicide bombs. Give any 18 year old boy the choice between blowing himself up and going on a date...

One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'm afraid most Americans don't get it.

If you ask the average person (especially now) if we should militarily invade other countries so their governments can be replaced with Democratically elected ones, most people would say no. But that's mostly due to frustration over the Iraq situation, and not because it's a bad idea altogether.

You can't tear down a system, with all its knowledge and infrastrucure attached, and expect the citizenry to immediately replace it with a new working system. It doesn't happen. And the resulting social and economic chaos will ensure that whatever you do try to put in place will most likely fail, dashing hopes even more. And civilization dies.

Yet, I still have conversations with anti-war progressives who say, "We had no business going into Iraq, when the real threat is autocratic regimes like Saudi Arabia and the Emirates."

In reality, the real threat is us, and our inherent belief that we have the wisdom and responsibility to shape the world in our image.

the goal is to rid Iraq of Iraqis -see "Family Security Matters"

From a little group called Family Security Matters

When the ancient Roman general Julius Caesar was struggling to conquer ancient Gaul, he not only had to defeat the Gauls, but he also had to defeat his political enemies in Rome who would destroy him the moment his tenure as consul (president) ended.

Caesar pacified Gaul by mass slaughter; he then used his successful army to crush all political opposition at home and establish himself as permanent ruler of ancient Rome. This brilliant action not only ended the personal threat to Caesar, but ended the civil chaos that was threatening anarchy in ancient Rome – thus marking the start of the ancient Roman Empire that gave peace and prosperity to the known world.

If President Bush copied Julius Caesar by ordering his army to empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans, he would achieve immediate results: popularity with his military; enrichment of America by converting an Arabian Iraq into an American Iraq (therefore turning it from a liability to an asset); and boost American prestiege while terrifying American enemies.

Oh my god

I have never in my life ever seen anything so outright wrong.

There's more--"President for life Bush":

President Bush can fail in his duty to himself, his country, and his God, by becoming “ex-president” Bush or he can become “President-for-Life” Bush: the conqueror of Iraq, who brings sense to the Congress and sanity to the Supreme Court. Then who would be able to stop Bush from emulating Augustus Caesar and becoming ruler of the world? For only an America united under one ruler has the power to save humanity from the threat of a new Dark Age wrought by terrorists armed with nuclear weapons.

I sure hope this is some kind of practical joke.

I'm So There -

"I don't have money to take my kid to the doctor. I have to do anything that I can to preserve my child, because I am a mother," she says, explaining why she prostitutes herself.

Well, not exactly there (yet) but it's not that far off, either.

Farkin' Rethuglican Warmongers. IMPEACH.

It just seems so simple to us.

It's really easy to understand this, even if we have not personally experienced the devastation that the Iraqis are experiencing.

Are the supporters of this war fundamentally different in their makeup that they cannot understand? Have they lost - or did they ever have - their ability to empathize with other human beings?

What is this phenomena?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

This is the part of Iraq that is "unseen" by America.....

In the Administrations zeal to fight "them" there so we dont fight "them" here, President Bush has relagated and exposed an entire population to terror, poverty, fear, hopelessness and despair.

The citizens of Iraq are invisable to the Republican agenda, their suffering of no consequence and thier depair of no immediate concern . .......... And we don't even know who "Them" are. ....... I think we are creating and motivateing "them" with every hour we remain in Iraq.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

But Marshall

Tell me. You've worked with a lot of these types. How can they not have empathy? How is this possible?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

That is a very good question.....but,...

when one is sure he has all the answers for every one else, empathy for the "everyone else" does not come into the equation because it is empathy from them that the one is expecting.

Some never learn that "because something does not make sense to you, does not mean it does not make sense".

Listening to the Iraqis or acknowledging their plight is a sort of admission you may not know what you are doing.

Most of those given real authority in Iraq have very little experience, are young and have a very narrow view of the world. Exposure to Suffering at the scale of Iraq's suffering is incalcuable to them. They really do not see it..They do not get it...and worse....they have no desire to.

Colonals are making General and Foreign service Officers (DoS) are making Senior Foreign Serve Officer. A whole lot of that is the focus.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Are you saying, Marshall,

that the callous, ignorant and greedy are those who are being promoted? The ones who will be in charge in future struggles beyond the Bush reign as well?

Have you called to support H. Res 333 Impeach Cheney Today? call 202-224-3121 & ask for your Congress member by name

I would never say all...

A blanket indictment like that would be very unfair. There are and have been some very good, caring and hardworking people in the "Official" roles in Iraq. I know many. BUT.......many.....very many in very senior roles have simply used Iraq as their career stepping stone. I saw that too.

Exampe: If you "Google" my name you will find some references to a story from the Washington Times where I was quoted as saying there were juveniles being held in deplorable conditions and possibly being abused in a Baghdad Juvenile Detention Center and that we were doing nothing to help them.

I caught a lot of heat from the State Department about that. The real story however is quite different. While in a Senior Advisors meeting in Baghdad, a report of "abuse" in a Juvenile Detention Center near Baghdad was mentioned.........Then we just went on to the next subject.....I stopped the meeting and asked why no-one seemed concerned about the Abuse of Children in a Juvenile center.

Basically the responce was , "it is not our business", "it could cause waves"......I then directed a Army Colonel to go to the detention center and look into the validity of the report. He did and the detention center was placed on the watch list because the reports were validated. The point being....NO-ONE wanted to stretch their neck out, even to protect children. The whole mess disgusted me and the next thing I know the Washington TImes was quoting something I had said.

Decisions to "Do the Right Thing" are passed on every day in Iraq by our Decision Makers there. I can share a hundred stories like this; but to what end?

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

It just breaks my heart.

Can this ever be fixed?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

It is not a matter of fixing it.......

We need leaders who are willing to take the lead and others who will determine in thier minds and hearts that what is "right and just" should prevail in what ever the task being carried out in the name of the United States of America. The Iraq stories are just one part of the problem, in fact that is the result of the bigger problem of government forgetting that it is the servent, not the master of a free people. The Bush Cheney Administration is the starkest example of what wrong can occur when Power, Greed, and lust for absolute Control are allowed to go unchecked. The Constitutioon becomes an inconvienience and the Rule of Law is simply iqnored by means of the arrogance of power.

The American People have been sleeping, afraid, unwilling to step up and control our government much to long.

WE are the fix!!.......

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Marshall, you're a hero

What a welcome addition you will be to our NC delegation in Washington. And I swear, if we don't get someone running in the 6th district, I'm going to adopt you as my candidate.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi