What Is Thom Tillis Running On

What is Thom Tillis running on?
So far this election season I have seen one ad by the Thom Tillis campaign and I keep wondering what it is that justifies his re-election for six years.
What I take from that ad is that he is going to bring home protective mask manufacturing from China. Really, really?
This is the same multi-millionaire Thom Tillis that is fighting in the background to deny Medicaid coverage to 500,000 North Carolinians and his sole reason for re-election is to bring paper mask manufacturing to the US(not North Carolina but to the US). I'm sure that will change many Tar Heel lives.
If he can't come up with a better justification than that, please drop out now and spare us the tv time.



Running on fumes

Tillis is like a landfill on its last legs, filled with toxic fumes that endanger anyone within miles. He's got nothing. No record of accomplishment. No integrity. No meaningful legislation. Nothing but relentless adoration for the Orange Menace.

I read a lot of his Facebook threads and I'd say comments are roughly 5 to 1 against whatever bullshit his peddling on any particular day. Trump Republicans don't like him because he disagreed with Dear Leader a few times. Then he came around and has been 100% solid Trump, no matter what.

I thought he had a chance to define himself as something other than Trump back in the fall and through the impeachment, but he failed to do that pretty spectacularly. Now there's no way he can get far enough away from the Worst President Ever. It's too late for a death-bed conversion. Trump owns him.

It sounds like Tillis has been inhaling fumes

From Twitter, via Raw Story:

"According to Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic, Tillis told the North Carolina Republican Party’s virtual convention this week that American voters would back the GOP because they’d fondly remember how well the economy was doing before the COVID-19 pandemic crashed the economy, led to double-digit unemployment, and killed more than 135,000 Americans in just four months."