What is a "Lincoln Republican'?

I've traded emails with Bob Orr, who is a Republican candidate for governor. And the truth is, I'm having a tough time figuring the guy out. He seems to be a reasonable and smart person, which is why his membership in the North Carolina Republican party is so baffling.

Mr. Orr says he's a "Lincoln Republican," which got me to wondering - what the heck is that? So I jumped onto the interTubes and found this enlightening reference:

Not long ago I heard a woman on some political talk show call herself an Abraham Lincoln Republican. I thought to myself, "What in the hell does that mean?" Sure, Abraham Lincoln was a great president but what relevance does the Republican Party platform of 1860 have to do with what is going on in our country today? Were school children in 1860 bringing muskets to school and shooting their fellow classmates? Did the Republican Party of 1860 adhere to a strict anti-musket control policy? I would assume the Republican platform of 1860 was pro life since I do not believe abortion was legal back then. However there was probably no dire need to be pro-choice in 1860, what with the infant mortality rate being so high. If you really didn't want the kid, there was probably a pretty good chance he or she would not make it through the first few years anyway.

Calling oneself a Lincoln Republican makes no sense to me. Are they finally saying that they are anti-slavery in an attempt to get the Black vote? Better late than never. What pertinence does someone who was president one hundred and forty years ago have to do with today? At least someone who refers to himself as a Reagan Democrat is referring to someone who was president in most people's current lifetime. Hell, why not call yourself a Zachary Taylor Whig or a John Quincy Adams Federalist? Personally I am more of a Samuel Addams man. Draft or bottle, they both sound pretty pleasing to this writer's palette.

So what is a Lincoln Republican? All I can guess is that it is a Republican with a hole in his head ...

After reading a whole bunch of stuff about Bob Orr and his judicial opinions, I'd say he should consider joining the big tent of the Democratic party. He's more progressive than many of our own, and could even be an interesting alternative to Liddy Dole if Grier Martin doesn't run. Of course, he'd have to give up his relationship with the Puppetmaster, but that would be good for his soul under any circumstance.

Bob Orr (D) for US Senate? I'm only half joking.


PS Never let it be said that I'm afraid to reach across the aisle.


Ask him if he is....

A Teddy Roosevelt/Eisenhower Republican?

  • They did not act but Roosevelt did, issuing 44 lawsuits against major corporations; he was called the "trust-buster."
  • In response to public clamor, Roosevelt pushed Congress to pass the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, as well as the Meat Inspection Act of 1906.
  • Roosevelt was the first American president to consider the long-term needs for efficient conservation of national resources, winning the support of fellow hunters and fishermen to bolster his political base.
  • One of Eisenhower's most enduring achievements as President was championing and signing the bill that authorized the Interstate Highway System in 1956.
  • Eisenhower supported the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka U.S. Supreme Court decision, in which segregated ("separate but equal") schools were ruled to be unconstitutional. The very next day he told District of Columbia officials to make Washington a model for the rest of the country in integrating black and white public school children.
  • Throughout his presidency, Eisenhower preached a doctrine of Dynamic Conservatism. Although he maintained a conservative economic policy, he continued all the major New Deal programs still in operation, especially Social Security. He expanded its programs and rolled them into a new cabinet level agency, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, while extending benefits to an additional 10 million workers.
  • John Edwards is great!
    - Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

    Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

    A Lincoln Republican is really a Bush Republican in drag!

    So what is a Lincoln Republican? All I can guess is that it is a Republican with a hole in his head ..*

    I guess Bob " Sponge Bob" would make a great democrat if he is a Lincoln Republican* paraphasing A.

    Boy are you political confuse? I told you to stop hanging with your new buddy. The man has totaly brainwash you and I thought Chapel Hill communists couldn't be brainwash like Senator John McCain.

    Are you aware that Lincoln started a undeclared war without the approval of Congress and the Constitution, just like George Bush did?

    Are you aware that Lincoln lock up all of his political oppostion in the media and read their letters without warrents? Just like George Bush does with the Patriot Act?

    Are you aware that Lincoln had the most corrupt miltitary industrial complex in place for that time like Haliburton and Blackwater. Just like George Bush! Oops, make that Darth Cheney or Dark Staunton his War Department head.

    Look Lincoln wore a tall black hat like George Bush did with that phony flight jacket when they both visit the troops about the mission was done!

    there are a few differences worth noting

    Lincoln was an intelligent and compassionate human being.
    Bush is a narcissistic ass-wipe who can't find his butt with both hands.

    Lincoln was fighting to save the Union.
    Bush is trying to tear it apart.

    Lincoln's sparse words spoke volumes.
    Bush can't speak our language.

    Any comparison of Lincoln to George Bush is an insult to the dignity of this nation and to a very fine man who governed during arguably the most difficult time in our history.

    If Lincoln were alive today he would be a Democrat.

    SE NC Dems

    Stan Bozarth

    There were two Lincolns in history,

    Any comparison of Lincoln to George Bush is an insult to the dignity of this nation and to a very fine man who governed during arguably the most difficult time in our history.

    Lincoln was a classic racist, He play the race card only when he thought it would work at the worst time of the War. He was totaly funded by the large corporate and banking interests in the North in his run for the White House like today. There were two Lincolns in history, 1. the police state Lincoln and the peaceful loving Lincoln myth lovers....Remember the winners always write their history!

    If Lincoln were alive today he would be a Democrat. *Stan

    Don't think so! Nothing personal! Lincoln use force like the Bush neo-cons have done in Iraq in the name of phony neo-con democracy. There were no WMD's in South Carolina like Iraq. And Bobby Lee didn't hid them in Iran or under the State Capital in North Carolina.

    Well, Max, we're all entitled to an opinion

    and we've each expressed our own. I've not researched Lincoln's campaign finances...nor do I plan to because it isn't relevant to me...but I will say there is documented proof Lincoln was against slavery well before the war. Regardless...what you or I think isn't going to change the larger perception that Lincoln is one of our most highly regarded leaders and a decent man.

    SE NC Dems

    Stan Bozarth

    The Next Time I Hear -

    a 'Lincoln Republican' - the only reply that could possibly be apropos is: 'Who hijacked your party?'

    It's not Lincoln running the country. It's more like Sherman's march to the sea burning and pillaging as he goes along.

    Unfortunately for us - they aren't concentrating on GA. :p

    Lincoln Republican

    Let's see:

    Lincoln obviously believed in a strong federal goverment

    Lincoln fought for the biggest union of all

    Lincoln fought against slavery

    While using biblical references, he never proclaimed his personal religious beliefs

    Lincoln spoke out against the US trumping up charges and attacking another nation (Mexican-American War)

    Lincoln believed in diplomacy above war, seeing war as a last resort

    Lincoln actually listened to others and even reversed his decisions, like listening to Douglass and letting black soldiers fight

    Lincoln read books

    Somehow I can't quite wrap my mind around how Republicans can claim to be like him now. Except maybe that whole suspending of civil rights duing a time of war.


    When I was growing up in Asheville, I played basketball with Bob's son Robbie at the YMCA. My father tells me Bob was always a good and reasonable guy, and probably as much of a throwback to the old western NC moderate GOP as anyone.

    See, it used to be possible for a Republican to get through a primary without having to pretend he was a complete asshole. I'm not sure that's true anymore, and I have to say that Orr taking a check from JLF or whichever piece of Pope's empire he's operating under is almost enough for me to completely write him off. But there you go.