What I Just Saw

I just saw a post on facebook that basically blamed the death and destruction of the Newtown massacre on liberals because they did not arm teachers as they do in Israel. I posted the following answer.
It really seems strange to me that our country is currently broke, we have had 181 school shootings since Columbine(most with some form of semi-automatic killing machine) and we let the assault weapons ban expire and would not renew it, we have gone into two wars without funding, we started a Medicare prescription drug program guaranteeing that the drug companies would be paid top price for their drugs and did no funding, we passed a massive tax break on the argument that it was our money when we were already trillions in debt and did not fund it and that those wealthy persons receiving the tax breaks would create jobs and they didn't. These things do not just have conservative, Republican fingerprints on them, they were their premier programs in passing them, their poster children for their ability to run this country, and when ever something blows up in our collective faces like the Newtown massacre, it is the fault of liberals. Forgive me if I say bullsh*t.


Don't Be Fooled

One of the talking points regarding the deaths of innocence in Newtown, CT is that there are other weapons that can be used and I have seen the citing of a horrific incident in China when 20 school children were slashed by a madman who was seeking some sort of warped justice or revenge.
The fact is that in those news releases, the word slashed was used over and over again. That was because there were no injuries that were fatal in that attack. Although injured seriously, no one died and they all lived to grow and expand as human beings in this wonderful world. I wonder what would have been the outcome if the knife wielder had been someone carrying an Uzi with "cop killer" bullets.

Fritz Pardue