What on earth can the Democrats be Thinking?

I may have missed it, but don't think anyone over here has picked up on the boat bill issue.

I don't know whether they figure as many Republicans as Dems have something to lose by making a campaign issue of it, but my god, whatever they stand to gain has to be awfully damned substantial to risk what seems to me a horrific stench that once again is coming from the Democratic side of the aisle.

Some of you who follow the doings of the General Assembly may have noticed that they recently passed a bill that would permit 9 1/2 foot wide boats to travel our highways without restrictions. The purpose of this bill? You have to ask that question.

The State Highway Patrol has come out strongly against it because it represents an obvious safety hazard, and Governor Easley, to his credit, vetoed the damnable thing.

But Marc Basnight wants them to come back into session for the purpose of over-riding this veto. Come BACK into session for a boat bill? Not mental health, not ethics issues, not the botch of state employee payrolls, not any number of pressing issues.

You have to ask why.

I can't describe it better or in more detail than Laura Leslie, so please check out Isaac Hunter's Tavern esp. entries for Thursday and Friday (this past week).



Are they figuring no one will notice or care what they're up to mid-August will so much attention being given to Denver?

Basnight is probably invulnerable, and perhaps any other potential candidate in Arthur Williams' district is also convinced that the money is all that matters, but if this manuever doesn't convince people that we need to clean house -- what will? A busload of children in a highway accident?

I must just be incredibly naive.

Jenkins & Basnight?

Raleigh NC - Too much of I-95 in N.C. in poor and dangerous condition

Nobody wants to call the good ole boys out. Folks sit back and allow our politicians to do whatever the hell they want to do but wait on others to say something. Just think what would happen if we all get together and hold these rascals accountable for their actions which is self-serving and for their friends. I will not ask my reps. for anything that will not benefit the majority of the folks.

"I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." - Elie Weisel

"I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." - Elie Weisel

What does the NC Constitution require for vetoed bills?


I'm not entirely sure how to interpret Section 22(7) regarding the requirements of considering a veto, but it would seem that a veto session is required by the constitution by the 40th day of the adjournment sine die - unless a majority of legislators sign a declaration that they don't want one.

Anybody help with this?

Gerry Cohen?


Ball still in Easley's court?

Regarding vetoed bills, the NC Constitution states:

"When the General Assembly has adjourned sine die or for more than 30 days jointly as provided under Section 20 of Article II of this Constitution, the Governor shall reconvene that session as provided by Section 5(11) of Article III of this Constitution for reconsideration of the bill, and if the Governor does not reconvene the session, the bill shall become law on the fortieth day after such adjournment. "

So...the Governor HAS to reconvene the session, and if not, the bill becomes law on the 40th day (August 27)?


it's kind of like a ping pong ball

He could call them back, which would be expensive, but would at least give voters a chance to see what Basnight and Williams think is so important that this expense should be swallowed by the citizens. It would be a way of really slapping the Democrats, though, and he knows that. Basnight isn't going to lose anything because he's practically invulnerable in his district, so the brunt of any backlash would be borne by the party itself.

Or, if the bill really is going to become law by virtue of his refusing to call them back, he can kind of have it both ways, since he probably doesn't give a damn about the safety issue and only wanted to twit Basnight in the first place. Maybe he just wanted to make Basnight dance a little bit.

Thought Mikey vetoed the bill?

which means it cannot go into law unless the GA reconvenes and votes to override the veto and Mickey has to call em back? Since Mickey vetoed it, why would he call em back for a chance at a veto override?

Seems like this pet project is dead in the water come Tuesday?

Do not know why Marc would want boats over 9.5 feet on our roads by anyone who can hop in a car or truck and drive.

Earlier this year the region, Marc's region, had a trailer unhitch from the towing vehicle and kill the driver of another car. Do not know what Marc is thinking with this legislation. Many of the roads around here are narrow and curvy. You do not want just anyone driving one of those.

Yes this area is touristy and boat centric, but what is going to happen when two of these boats hit each other on RT-158 and tie that main corridor up for hours. Our tourists will not be happy that they sat in gridlock while two boats were cleaned up off the road.

He did veto it

And now the question is whether the General Assembly will convene to override the veto.

If you check out usernamehere's post above in this thread, you see why the governor may have no choice but to call them back.

And the larger question is why this should be that important. Again, Laura Leslie nailed it in her blog this past week. See her Thursday and Friday posts. I linked to it above.

I think we all know what Basnight is thinking with this legislation. He is invulnerable. There may be some hue and cry but not enough to unseat him.

And so it goes with entrenched power and a sort of knaves agreement among Democrats not to make a fuss over putrid dealings if the offender is a Democrat.

Definitely a WTF? moment

Standing up for what's right is one thing, but to stand up for a boat-towing bill sponsored by a marina owner? :O

Unless they're trying to send a message that the Governor interfering with GA members' freedom to pursue self-interests is out of bounds, this is one of the craziest things I've seen in a while.

Easley versus Basnight

I think the little pissing contest the governor has had with senate democrats is one of the reasons he took enough interest in this bill to veto it.

But Basnight figures he can flex his muscles, show the governor up, get his fat cat constituent what he wants, and minor questions like the greater good be damned. Basnight's practically invulnerable.

It stinks. I trust the N&O will lay out how much it will cost for the General Assembly to reconvene for this purpose.

I'd like the think the reason he vetoed it was public safety

We don't need giant Noah's Ark's coming down the highway at us - unless Basnight knows something we don't.

Laura nailed over at the tavern - the last thing we need is one of these monsters hitting a school bus - a school bus that isn't required to have seat belts, btw. This is one of the first things Easley has done in a while that I can really agree with, and I'm glad he did it. It never should have passed our GA. That's what the Governor's veto is for.

Linda, rest assured

that Mikey's veto had ZIP to do with public interest.

Mikey vetoed this bill because 1) he isn't running again and can afford to and 2) his relationship with Basnight has done nothing but deteriorate throughout the governor's terms and he's getting another lick in.

But I'm glad he vetoed it because it stinks.

Actually, I think his veto was right.

Do you ever give anyone you don't like the benefit of the doubt?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Actually, Robert, yes, I do

Yes, Robert, quite frequently. In fact, I don't let go of that doubt without a struggle. I held onto the benefit-of-the-doubt I gave Easley for years and didn't let go until it was wrenched away after a good, long fight. I *hate* losing a hero, which is one reason I dragged and draggged and dragged my heels on acknowledging Edwards' complete fall.

But I was unfortunate enough to be real up close as a witness -- several times over -- to the fact that public service is definitely secondary to Easley's concerns. Ask Carmen Hooker Odom or Debbie Crane.

Yes, it was right to veto this bill (which I think I've said three times now). But it had ZIP to do with Easley's concern about highway safety and everything to do with his fight with the senate, and everybody who is watching from the inside knows it good and well.

Not just boats

The bill also has a provision allowing "farm equipment" trailers of up to 14 feet wide to travel any highway with no escort vehicles:

The Department of Transportation shall issue annual overwidth permits for the following: vehicles

(1) A vehicle carrying agricultural equipment or machinery from the dealer to the farm or from the farm to the dealer that do does not exceed 14 feet in width. These permits shall be A permit issued under this subdivision is valid for unlimited movement without escorts on all State highways where the overwidth vehicles do vehicle does not exceed posted bridge and load limits.

That wording is a little weird.

that do does not exceed 14 feet in width.

I suppose something is lost in the copy/paste here, but I'm still opposed to extra wide vehicles trundling down our roads without permits - or actually at all. I'm also opposed to school buses without seatbelts, but try fighting that battle in Raleigh sometime.

That's exactly what it is

I suppose something is lost in the copy/paste

When they strike out or reword sections of the text, the copy/paste thing drops them for some reason.

That "without escorts" thing bothers me more than anything. When you're driving on a curvy road, that lead vehicle lets you know something big is coming. Without that warning...


Coastal tourism interests have lobbied hard for the boat bill. On top of that, Easley has been at odds with the House and Senate since last session. This is a pissing contest coupled with a lot of cash in the background.