What can Steve Irwin teach us about Al Gore? (political cartoon)

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You couldn't be more right

While I personally love Obama and Edwards, this campaign is playing right into Gore's hands, for a few reasons:
1--It started about 7-8 months too early
2--The negativity started about a year too early
3--if the negativity starts a circular firing squad, it's great to be on the outside, not the inside.

If the campaign plays out this way, it'll be like Gore's walking in on the end of a Quentin Tarantino movie, after all the shots have been fired in a Mexican standoff. He strolls in, doffs his cap, and selects Obama as running mate.

Cue Hollywood ending. Good stuff.

War is over if you want it.

Sometimes -

the most effective place to be is not the Oval Office.

I admire and respect Al Gore. I believe we wouldn't be in the world of shit we are now ... 'if only.'

However, I see some of the same problems with his candidacy as I do with Hillary's - the Right won't bite.

But he would be an excellent choice for the Dept. of the Interior or the EPA.

That said, I would vote for him (again) but I will continue to support John Edwards.

Gore can't win

unless the Rep. candidate is the Rep. version of Kerry or...Gore. If Rudy is the Rep. nominee, I think he could beat Hillary or Gore. Obama and Edwards would have the best chance, Obama having the better as there are not as many negative feelings about him.

The GOP Nominee

Will def be a rerun of their Kerry, Bob Dole. And Obama/Gore/Edwards would sweep to a resounding victory.

The only way the GOP could and would rally with fierce hatred, is for a Hillary candidacy. If we nominate our lighting rod, expect lightning to strike. But if we elect an anti-war candidate with a feel-good domestic agenda, it's ours for the taking.

War is over if you want it.