This is what black America faces all too freqently... Watch.

You may not believe it, but it happens way too often in our Republic.
A girl, doing her crappy job, and doing it correctly, gets wrongly accused of stealing $10 in change from a police officer. The officer shows up and, clearly using excessive force, sprays her with mace and arrests her.
Watch. Think. Believe.


Every cop's a criminal and all criminals are saints

Please to meet you, can you guess my name, cause what's troublin' you is the nature of my game.

Is it any wonder that young African-American's don't trust the "law"? The cop was not found quilty of wrong-doing but she was paid $60K? Isn't that an admission of guilt?

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Not to nit pick

I don't think an admission of guilt is necessary, given the footage. And it's crazy that this cop would be cleared. But to make a more general point...:

Settlements are paid by the innocent, too. Every settlement amount is the result of multiplying the risk of losing a lawsuit (and you can always lose) by the expected cost of seeing it through to the end. In some cases (though probably not this one), defendants pay even when the risk of losing is small just because they're pretty sure the settlement amount is less than what the lawyers will want to get paid.

I think that in much of Europe there's a rule that losers pay the winner's attorney's fees. But because, in America, we all pay for our own lawyers, win or lose, settlements and guilt don't always go hand in hand.

Thats criminal on the cops part,

He never told her what she was being arrested for, never did anything. No crime was committed, and the escalation of force on his part was unwarrented and unjustified.

No wonder folks dont like cops. That guy feels that because he has a badge, he is da man. He should be in jail for harrasement and abuse of power. The reviewing body that said no wrong doing on the officer should also be voted out of office.

One, he had no right to be behind the counter in a food establishment contaminating the food preperation area. He used peper spray inside of a restraunt where others are effected by his stupidity. He did not listen to the manager when he was told no 20s are in the register.

Guys like him do not deserve to wear that badge. Guys like him make it so much easier for others to run over cops on the road and to ignore them.

Yes, I belief the worker was excited, but when she has first hand knowledge of abuses by the police, I can see where she would not be willing to go with him. Also, if the cop would not have been so dam confrintational, the worker would not have gotten so ajatated.

A police officer can never put himself into a position like that. There was no reason for him to do what he did. At that time, he was a citizen just like everyone else and should have called in his boss or shift supervisor for assistance once he started to lose control...people like him will do more harm then good for the public he is sworn to protect.

the problem

with police is that when they do good it is a sign of personal heroism. When they do bad it is (often) seen as systematic corruption.

We could fix this by giving extra punishements to cops who betray the trust of society, and by making a greater effort to notice the daily heroic acts of police and fire fighters.

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I'm always amazed at the difference in the way

people are treated because of the color of their skin. One of my employees was trying to rent a room at one of the golf clubs here for her relatives. They told her, it's $200 a week (CHEEP!!), but we have to "get a look at you first". So I called and asked about rented a room for my relatives. I was not told that they had to get a look at me first. Is that even legal?

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thats not legal at all.

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I can't even express

how repulsive that man's actions are. That young woman was 17. My daughter is 17.

Let me throw my own controversial spin on this thread for a second. Whaddya say we pull a John Grisham "Time to Kill" trick and change the color schemes in the encounter taped above: A 17 year old young white woman; A black cop.

Very soon to be an unemployed black cop. Period. Anybody think I'm wrong?

Fraking disgusting. DISGUSTING. $60K wasn't nearly enough.

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