What became of the Democratic Party?

I wanted to post this some time ago, but wondered that maybe I don't see things the way everybody else does. But recently, I found out something that really points up what I'm trying to convey. I was talking to some local telephone guys who work for Embarq, and they mentioned how the corporation was eliminating the retirees health benefits, and being a Verizon retiree, I felt disgust. The reason being that Sprint spun off that company to gain profitablity, and recently Sprint gave their CEO a 24 million dollar payoff to retire.(golden parachute) What has that got to do with the Dem party? I have been tracking a bill introduced in the House(HR1322) which would prohibit companies from dropping benefits which they promised retirees when they left. It has been sponsored by 70 Dem representatives, but sits in committee with a promise since last June(07)that it would get a vote. This is a bill which doesn't require any funding, just enforcement. Naturally, who are the opposition to bringing this up for a vote? Big corporations again! So when you hear these speakers at the convention talking about being in the party of FDR, I would say bullshit!


Is that even on the list

of "eligible for a floor vote" bills the GA posted for 2008?

I'll check it again, but I read (at least the titles) through the list a few days ago and I don't recall seeing that one.