What are you worried about?

I woke this morning worried about rising oceans and collapsing ice shelves. While there's plenty of blame to go around, the North Carolina buck really stops with policy makers in Raleigh who are pretending those things aren't happening. Specifically, Pat McCrory. As a result of his actions, cities along the coast are burying their heads in the sand, which will soon be under water.

I woke this morning worried that nothing is being done to reduce growing income inequality. The government has a legitimate role in this area, but GOP tax policy continues to promote trickle-down economics. Trickle-down has been proven ineffective at growing the economy and reducing poverty. But hey, rich guys make out just fine, so who gives a shit, right?

I woke this morning worried that my daughter and granddaughters are growing up in a world where men continue to have privileges that women don't, not least of which is the privilege of domination. I know there are decent men in the world, but they seem few and far between. People in Raleigh like Phil Berger, Pat McCrory and Tim Moore, who are supposed to be role models for future generations, are like a sick joke.

I woke this morning worried about clean water. If you have confidence in DENR to be a steward of water quality in North Carolina, you need to have your head examined.

I woke this morning worried about teachers and public schools. Despite McCrory's happy talk, North Carolina is going the wrong way fast. We treat our teachers like crap. It's no wonder so many are fed up.

I woke this morning disgusted with news media, especially NPR. Cokie Roberts' comments about Hillary Clinton today have me retching. Roberts is a vile person.

I woke this morning worried about the culture of violence that has come to define the American experience. It seems hopeless.

I woke this morning, worried as usual about the sorry state of the human race. The fact that anyone anywhere considers Trump a legitimate presidential candidate turns my stomach. The average voter is being put to the test, and the average voter is proving to be astoundingly ignorant.

I woke this morning wanting to be optimistic.The sun is shining, my family is safe. We have food, shelter, and comfort. But when I draw the circle of accountability beyond the bounds of my own small life, the cause for alarm is real. I find it hard to maintain a healthy perspective.

What are you worried about?



Many of the same things

I think one of my biggest worries is the indifference, the lack of concern amongst the majority of the population over these issues. They either don't see or don't care about the deterioration of rights for minority groups, women, the environment, etc. I realize that we delve deeply into these topics on a daily basis, so our awareness is heightened more than the average person. But still. Positive change simply won't happen in the absence of a determined populace, and achieving that seems more and more impossible every day.

Yeah, wouldn't it be fantastic

if people got as excited over voting and registering other voters as they do searching for imaginary critters with their Iphones?

I share your concerns.

I share your concerns.

Perhaps we need to create a Union for concerned citizens and go on strike.