What is All the Excitment About?

On Tuesday night, as make-up encrusted news anchors reported and counted the electoral collegiate votes for each presidential candidate, it was of no surprise to me that Obama lead McCain by a wide margin. I was also not surprised by the final tally, which decisively makes Obama the President Elect. I was surprised, however, at the noise penetrating my dorm-room window minutes later. Outside, on Stadium Drive, a mob, screaming and chanting, paraded down the street; an apparent celebration of the election's outcome. On the television, CNN showed voters literally in tears with joy. I didn't understand why people were so happy. I would never vote "R" so I had a sigh of relief in knowing that at least McCain would not be president, but based on the reactions I observed, I realized that people actually think Obama will accomplish positive change. I was shocked.

The next four years will certainly reveal Barrack to be nothing more than the status quo, as he will continue down the course America has been on for almost a century. That of increased governmental power and diminished individual liberties. Obama supports the continuation of the American Empire which currently has troops stationed in over 100 foreign nations. He has not advocated the withdrawal of American troops in peaceful nations such as Japan and Germany. Obama supports America's current monetary policy, which, through the Federal Reserve, destroys the value of the dollar and robs us through the harmful and unspoken Inflation Tax. He advocates the protection of Banks and Wallstreet through massive bailouts at the expense of the American people. Obama will uphold the Federal criminalization of marijuana. Obama wants to expand the burden of government control over doctors that has plagued healthcare for decades and caused the increased cost of health services. Obama's congressional record shows his disregard for individual liberty and privacy. He approves wiretap surveillance of citizens' phones (FISA Act 2008) and the continuation of the PATRIOT Act (PATRIOT Act Reauthorization 2006). Worst of all, Obama expressed no respect for the guidelines set forth in the Constitution, the rule book that keeps the government under control and us free. Are these things to celebrate? Is this positive change? I certainly think not, which is why I was so surprised to hear the ruckus outside my window.

I turned off the TV and as the crowd processed and the noise faded I shook my head. Over the course of the next few years, and perhaps in retrospect, a decade from now, we will realize that we were duped. "Change...Hope....." Hook, line, and sinker. Some of us took the bait, and it sure tastes great, but I wonder what will happen when people realize there is a hook inside. I hope for change. I hope that America changes it attitude of falling for the figurines placed before us. I hope we stand up and demand something real. I hope in 2012 we don't have to pick between the lesser of two evils. I hope we step back and realize that today's America is not the free society it was meant to be. I hope it's not too late. But for now. Cheers, here's to four more years of the same.


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Proud Educated Elitist With a Poison Pen